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Jeju Tourism Org Invites Southeast Asia to Come & VisitJeju!


Find out how launching a social media campaign can be an opportunity for your brand to increase online visibility in Southeast Asia. Let’s take a look at how Jeju Tourism Organization is doing it.  

Jeju Tourism’s FB Campaign for Southeast Asia 

In order to boost awareness and traffic to their official website, Jeju Tourism Organization (JTO) leveraged social media platforms in tapping potential travelers from key Southeast Asian markets.  

JTO decided to go live on Facebook to target markets from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.  

With Facebook, JTO was also able to do multiple marketing strategies such as content marketing to help them turn engagements into actual visits. These included highlighting Jeju’s tourist spots and popular K-Dramas that feature some of the island’s undiscovered gems.

Careful and well-planned content planning for its four, separate Facebook pages for Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam also made it possible for the tourism organization to connect with audiences from each countries. 

Facebook continues to dominate in Southeast Asia’s social networking scene. This is why brands and groups like JTO choose to reach out to audiences in the region by establishing their presence on the Meta-owned platform. 

Launch Your Social Media Campaign in Southeast Asia 

Expanding your brand’s online presence through social media can be beneficial for its growth. If you are interested in learning more about it, read our previous articles on how brands are leveraging it for their business goals.  

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