Mercer Opens Facebook Page as it Widens Reach in Thailand
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Mercer Opens Facebook Page as it Widens Reach in Thailand

Launching a Social Media Page: Mercer Opens Facebook Page as it Widens Reach in Thailand | Digital 38

Global asset management firm Mercer is on a quest to widen its reach in Southeast Asia, and they have decided to launch a social media page to connect with potential clients from Thailand.  

Mercer Rolls Out Facebook Page for Thailand Customers 

Customers from Thailand would be delighted to learn that Mercer has rolled out its official Facebook page. This would enable them to reach out and contact the wealth management company easily and more conveniently.  

Mercer opened its official Facebook page for audiences in Thailand as part of its plan to beef up its online presence in the Southeast Asian region. Aside from having a social media page, they also deployed other digital marketing tactics aligned with their business’ goals. These include Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to give their website more exposure on search engine platforms like Google. They have also leveraged media buy strategies to build and drive brand awareness.  

Social Media and Digital Marketing’s Power in Driving Growth 

It is important for brands to have the right marketing plan when they want to expand and tap audiences overseas. Be it offline channels like out-of-home (OOH) placements to digital ones such as a social media page and search engines. Especially in today’s age where the internet and technology are deeply embedded in our regular lives, it is hard to ignore the opportunity of establishing your brand’s presence online. And what Mercer demonstrated is just the first step.  

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