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Cititel Hotel’s Weibo Account Gets Blue Badge

Cititel Hotel’s Weibo Account Gets Blue Badge | Digital 38

Southeast Asian hotel chain Cititel Hotel Management has reached a new milestone in its social media marketing journey as its Weibo account finally gets verified.  

In its quest to invite more guests to come and visit Malaysia, particularly their properties in Penang Island, the four-star hotel chain brand embarked on a journey to explore China’s expansive social media scene.  

They have chosen to explore China’s social media and digital marketing landscape as part of their plans to tap into travelers from China as well as Chinese-speaking tourists from different parts of the world.  

In turn, they decided to go live on Weibo, a popular Chinese social media platform. And to level up their marketing game, they also decided to get verified. Having a verified Weibo account allows Cititel not only to promote their brand to a larger audience. But also, to boost brand awareness and reach more audiences.  

So, as a solution, the hospitality brand got on board on Weibo, a popular Chinese social media platform. And to take their marketing efforts several notches higher, they decided to acquire the blue V badge.  

A verified Weibo account allows brands to run ads. In Cititel’s case, they published ads targeting high-spending Chinese travelers and Chinese-speaking travelers using the microblogging platform frequently. Having the blue V badge also enabled Cititel Penang to implement content marketing strategies as well as engage with followers, and potential clients. 

About the Cititel Hotel Management  

Cititel Hotel Management (CHM) is a subsidiary and the hospitality chain arm of Malaysian conglomerate IGB Berhad.  

Why Your Weibo Needs Verification?  

Venturing into the world of China digital marketing can be a good start for your brand’s growth. But learning the ropes as well as leveraging every marketing feature available is essential if you want to see your business expand.  

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