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OneSiam Caps 2020 with Memorable Weibo Campaign

OneSiam Caps 2020 with Memorable Weibo Campaign | Digital 38

Weibo is a key tool for brands looking to connect with Chinese audiences, and see how Thailand’s OneSiam is maximising its potential with a heart-warming, year-ender campaign. 

OneSiam’s December Campaign on Weibo 

Thai mall OneSiam capped off the year 2020 with the help of a memorable campaign on Weibo. The brand leveraged the popular Chinese microblogging site to promote its events and promos for December for its Chinese-speaking followers, visitors and fans.  

Through Weibo ads, OneSiam welcomed the festive season by mixing excitement and nostalgia in one, wholesome campaign. These included greeting visitors with a special guest – Usagyuuun Rabbit. The mall also banked on Weibo in advocating a safe shopping and malling experience. 

Overall, OneSiam was not only able to reinforce its presence in China’s social media world but also to continually interact with their target markets amid lockdowns and other mobility restrictions during the pandemic.  

Why Weibo is Important for Chinese Markets in Thailand?  

Weibo, also known as Sina Weibo, is one of the most popular Chinese social media platforms. Often considered as China’s Twitter, it has over 522 million active users as of the 1st quarter of 2022. While a huge majority of Weibo’s userbase came from Mainland China, it is important to note that its presence is also expanding in markets outside its origin country like Thailand. 

In fact, research showed that the rising prominence of Chinese pop culture in countries like Thailand also led Thai internet users to turn to Chinese social media platforms such as Weibo and WeChat. This explains why savvy brands like OneSiam decided to choose Weibo as part of their marketing solutions.  

Aside from OneSiam, below is a list of several Thailand-based brands that saw the opportunity and growing potential of Chinese social networking sites.  

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