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Come Visit Singapore! Weibo Influencers Invite Travelers to the Lion City

Weibo Influencer Marketing: ST Signature Invite Chinese Travelers to Singapore | Digital 38

How can a Weibo influencer help your brand achieve your business goals? Learn how Singaporean boutique hostel and hotel chain ST Signature is acing it with their latest travel campaign.  

Weibo influencers are now inviting travelers to visit Singapore now that the city-state has welcomed tourists after roughly two years under lockdown. ST Signature has engaged with top Weibo celebrities to not only help attract Chinese tourists to come to the Lion City. But also, to stay in their properties. 

Popular Weibo personalities such @窜天猴popo, @我是王淳, @Grace的幻境 shared some of the best experiences in Singapore and in staying in ST Signature’s hostels and hotels around the city-state.  

The influencers’ posts triggered interaction among Weibo users, particularly those who are planning to travel to Singapore soon. All in all, ST Signature’s two-day Weibo campaign generated over 5,000 interactions, and shared around 2,000 times. 

Weibo & Influencer Marketing

Promoting your brand and content on social media platforms like Weibo is one thing. But savvy businesses know that in order to level up their marketing game, they can tap influencers to help spread the message around. 

Influencer marketing remains one of the most effective and relevant ways to boost brand awareness and even drive conversions. Influencers, or also known as key opinion leaders (KOLs), have the ability to establish trust between your brand and consumers quickly. And this is something that traditional marketing tactics needed time and effort in doing so.  

And when it comes to influencers among markets in China, Weibo has a lot of them. In fact, influencers and KOLs have contributed to the Chinese micro-blogging platform’s growth and rising popularity, especially among the youth.  

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Upgrade Your China Digital Marketing Plans 

China is a market brands should definitely pay attention to. With over 1 billion internet users, a lot of opportunities are in store for you. As long as you know the right channels and platforms to reach out to its audiences.  

But if you want to make a splash and level up your game by fusing Weibo and influencer marketing, then we’re here for you. Digital 38 is a digital media agency whose experience in Ecommerce, digital marketing and social media marketing has helped over 100 brands reach their business goals in the Asia-Pacific region. 

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