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Here’s Why LinkedIn is Important for B2B Marketing

Here's Why LinkedIn is Important for B2B Marketing | Digital 38

In case you missed it, LinkedIn has proven itself as a powerful tool not only for job hunting but also when it comes to lead generation, so in this article, we will explain to you why it’s an essential part of B2B marketing.  

While social media platforms are rarely used for business-to-business strategies, there’s actually one that stands out. It’s LinkedIn.  

Facts & Figures

According to previous research, LinkedIn is responsible for around 97% of b2b leads generated through social media. An impressive figure. And there’s more.  

  • More than 90% of B2B marketers leverage LinkedIn for their social media marketing plans. (Hubspot)  
  • When it comes to distributing relevant content to the right audience, around 94% of marketers rely on LinkedIn.  
  • Brand exposure on LinkedIn can increase a user’s purchase intent by up to 33%. (Hootsuite)  
  • Around 40% of B2B marketers say LinkedIn is the most effective channel when it comes to generating high-quality leads. (Hootsuite) 

Indeed, LinkedIn can be your key in driving leads for your b2b strategies. But what exactly makes it an efficient and effective platform in doing so? Read on as we explain the reasons behind this phenomenon.  

Key Decision Makers Frequent on LinkedIn  

Unlike other social networking sites, LinkedIn’s over 800 million users (Statista, 2021) consist of professionals. And these include employees as well as members of top management, executives, founders, you name them. This demographic alone makes LinkedIn a good place for marketers and business owners to explore, and establish connection among fellow business owners and managers. If you’re looking for quality leads for your business, then LinkedIn may be your key.  

Higher Purchasing Power: 2x of the Average Web Audience 

Studies from the U.S. show that nearly half of users on LinkedIn happened to be affluent people. In the US alone, individuals earning up to US$75,000 account for 44% of its userbase. Going back to what we discussed in the previous paragraphs, when you have top management and business founders as your userbase, you’re bound to not only tap into earth shakers. But also, people who have higher purchasing power.  

More Effective Driver for Conversion  

A survey from Hubspot found out that LinkedIn performed better than other more popular social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter in terms of b2b-related conversions. It says that visitor-to-leads conversion rate at LinkedIn is at 2.74%, higher than Twitter’s .69% and Facebook’s .77%.  

When you have an audience who either owns, manages or belongs to a business, and whose mindset is set on showcasing their career and expertise, chances are you’ll find better leads.  

Learn More About B2B Marketing with Digital 38  

B2B marketing strategies does not have to be complicated in order for them to become successful and effective. Finding the right channel, and leveraging it accordingly to your plans, can help you gain substantial results that your brand needs for its growth. 

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