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Quick Guide: Types of LinkedIn Ads


Learn the types of LinkedIn ads, their purpose, functions, and the benefits your brand can reap from them.  

LinkedIn for B2B 

LinkedIn is not just an online platform where professionals gather, expand their network and get a glimpse of their career path. As one of the social networking giants, LinkedIn has also become an essential part of every brand and business’ digital marketing journey.  

With over 850 million users (Statista) across the world, LinkedIn is an opportunity brands cannot miss. Moreover, it is the only platform wherein 4 out of 5 of its users are key decision makers. They are managers, business owners, startup founders, C-level executives, senior management officials, you name them. In turn, LinkedIn has become a go-to place for marketers and business owners to generate leads and conversions when it comes to B2B approaches.  

Advertising Solutions on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn provides a lot of options for businesses planning to leverage the platform for their goals. Let’s take a quick run through of each type of advertising solutions LinkedIn has.  

Sponsored Content: These are the ads displayed on a user’s feed, and ideal for brands looking to build brand awareness among audiences in LinkedIn. Below are some of the ad placements for Sponsored Content.  

  • Single Image Ads: Photos and other still images 
  • Video Ads: Videos 
  • Carousel Ads: Storytelling 
  • Event Ads: Events 
  • Document Ads: Shared Documents 

* Sponsored Messaging: Like email marketing, Sponsored Messaging Ads lets you place ads on the inbox of your target audience.  

  • Conversation Ads: Lets you customize how your conversation with your target audience should flow  
  • Message Ads: Text-based ads activated through direct messages  

Lead Gen Forms: Quality leads with seamless pre-filled forms. 

Text & Dynamic Ads: These are LinkedIn’s native PPC ads. Ads are triggered once a user types the matching keyword on the platform’s search engine bar.  

  • Text Ads 
  • Spotlight Ads: Showcase product, service, event  
  • Follower Ads: Acquire more followers 

Learn More About LinkedIn Marketing with Digital 38  

Whether you want to drive brand awareness or generate quality leads, when it comes to B2B strategies, LinkedIn can have your back. And if you want to learn more about brands leveraging LinkedIn’s marketing and advertising solutions, read our articles below. 

You can also consult our team of digital marketing specialists. We have teams in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and China who can support your brand’s marketing goals anytime.  

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* LinkedIn discontinued location targeting in the European Union (EU) on all Sponsored Messaging campaigns, effective January 10, 2022.

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