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Veolia APAC Reaches New Milestone as Digital Presence Expands

LinkedIn & Social Media Marketing: Veolia APAC Reaches New Milestone as Digital Presence Expands | Digital 38

Multinational water solutions provider Veolia continues to enjoy a growing online presence in Southeast Asia, and lately it has marked a new milestone in its LinkedIn and social media journey. 

Veolia Followers Reaches 15k on LinkedIn 

Veolia has been leveraging LinkedIn as part of its business-to-business (b2b) strategies. They launched their official account on LinkedIn as one of its channels in connecting with existing and potential clients from the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. 

And recently, they hit the 15,000-mark on their number of LinkedIn followers, a testament to its expanding digital presence.  

Veolia has been relying on LinkedIn, one of APAC’s top social media platforms, for their various marketing and business goals. These included running campaigns and publishing ads promoting their events. But above all, they chose LinkedIn to build brand awareness and ultimately, reach more professional customers in the APAC region.  

LinkedIn: A Crucial B2B Asset 

Savvy brands like Veolia knew that tapping the right channels can be key for their b2b campaigns’ success. And LinkedIn is one of them. Experts have cited LinkedIn as one of the most effective platforms to carry out b2b tactics.  

LinkedIn, among other popular social media platforms, boasts of having the highest conversion rate, at 2.74% (Hubspot). In addition, professionals comprise majority of its over 850 million users. Surveys showed that 4 out of 5 users in LinkedIn are key decision makers and other earth shakers. We’re talking about C-level executives, members of senior management, supervisors, founders and business owners. 

If you want to explore more about the world of LinkedIn marketing, check out these guides from Digital 38. 

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Shure Partners with Audio Experts in Malaysia for STEM Ecosystem

LinkedIn Digital Marketing: Shure Partners with Audio Experts in Malaysia for STEM Ecosystem | Digital 38

Global audio brand Shure has partnered with some of Malaysia’s audio experts for their latest LinkedIn digital marketing strategy to promote STEM Ecosystem.

Shure’s STEM Ecosystem is the latest product the Chicago-based audio specialist rolled out for consumers in Southeast Asia.  Shure collaborated with Malaysian audio distributors in helping spread the word about their STEM Ecosystem, their holistic audio-conference solution, to workplace managers and IT professionals.  

In doing so, they leveraged LinkedIn in reaching out to their target audiences. Teaser videos of STEM Ecosystem ran as video ads on the LinkedIn pages of their partner distributors. Anyone interested to learn more about it will then be redirected to a dedicated landing page that gives them the chance to request a demo.  

About Shure 

Founded in 1925, Shure is one of the world’s leading audio brands. Recently, they began amplifying their online presence in Southeast Asia. Aside from collaborating with distributors from Malaysia, they have also launched their official website for Singaporean consumers, and Shopee Mall – Malaysia store.  

Read more about Shure’s expansion in the ASEAN region by clicking the links to the articles below.  

LinkedIn & Digital Marketing  

LinkedIn is an essential component in every brand’s digital marketing plan, particularly when it comes to B2B approaches. But why? In case you’ve missed it, LinkedIn is not just a place where over 850 million professionals gather. It is also where members of senior management, supervisors, C-level executives, founders, and other key decision makers frequent. 

According to surveys, 4 out of 5 users on LinkedIn have the influence to drive business decisions.  

Additionally, marketers and brands alike have relied on LinkedIn for lead generation. LinkedIn boasts a lead generation rate of 2.74% (Hubspot), the highest among other social media platforms. Furthermore, around 40% of B2B marketers say LinkedIn is the most effective channel when it comes to generating high-quality leads (Hootsuite).  

Jump Start You LinkedIn & Other Digital Marketing Plans  

If you want to know more on how to get started with LinkedIn for your brand, then you have come to the right place. Here in Digital 38, our team of digital marketing specialists can help you guide towards the right direction in coming up with your LinkedIn marketing plans.  

Headquartered in Singapore, we also have local teams in Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and South Korea, Taiwan, and China, who can support you anytime. 

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Mercer Amplifies Online Presence in Asia Through LinkedIn Campaign

Mercer Amplifies Online Presence in Asia Through LinkedIn Campaign

International asset management firm Mercer has leveraged its official LinkedIn page for its latest campaign. 

‘Help Where it Counts Most’ 

In 2021, Mercer planned to meet new clients as well as grow its digital footprint in Asia. As a result, they launched a digital marketing campaign targeting HR professionals in the region.  

For their latest campaign, they decided to whip up short and engaging videos as a teaser for Mercer’s Playbook for HR Professionals. The yearend white paper contains insights and forecasts that would be vital for human resource departments, particularly in guiding their workforce into entering the ‘new normal’ in the workplace. And what better channel to get in touch with HR officials in Asia but LinkedIn.  

Mercer chose LinkedIn’s Video Ads in running their 2020 year-ender campaign. Interested audiences would be redirected to a dedicated landing page on their official website. The page provides more information about the wealth management company’s Playbook for HR professionals.  

LinkedIn Ads: Why They Can Help My Brand?  

LinkedIn has proven beneficial not only for professionals seeking to give their career a boost. But also, for brands planning to strengthen and improve their b2b marketing strategies. 

LinkedIn is home to over 850 million professionals around the world. But what makes the online social platform unique from the rest is its ability to connect you with earth shakes and other key decision makers.  

Fortunately for businesses, LinkedIn has multiple advertising and marketing solutions to choose from. From video ads to sponsored messaging, they can help you build brand awareness, reach to more audiences, and even generate leads. 

Did you know that according to marketers, LinkedIn stand out among other social media platforms as it has the highest lead generation rate. Experts from Hootsuite found out that LinkedIn topped other social networking sites in terms of generating leads. It boasts a lead generate rate of 2.74%. 

Explore more about the world of LinkedIn marketing with these handy guides and case studies from Digital 38. 

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You can also seek the assistance from our team of marketing specialists if you want to learn how to get started on your next LinkedIn campaign. We have local teams in Singapore, Malaysia Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea, China, and Taiwan who can provide you solutions fit for your business’ goals. 

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Quick Guide: Types of LinkedIn Ads


Learn the types of LinkedIn ads, their purpose, functions, and the benefits your brand can reap from them.  

LinkedIn for B2B 

LinkedIn is not just an online platform where professionals gather, expand their network and get a glimpse of their career path. As one of the social networking giants, LinkedIn has also become an essential part of every brand and business’ digital marketing journey.  

With over 850 million users (Statista) across the world, LinkedIn is an opportunity brands cannot miss. Moreover, it is the only platform wherein 4 out of 5 of its users are key decision makers. They are managers, business owners, startup founders, C-level executives, senior management officials, you name them. In turn, LinkedIn has become a go-to place for marketers and business owners to generate leads and conversions when it comes to B2B approaches.  

Advertising Solutions on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn provides a lot of options for businesses planning to leverage the platform for their goals. Let’s take a quick run through of each type of advertising solutions LinkedIn has.  

Sponsored Content: These are the ads displayed on a user’s feed, and ideal for brands looking to build brand awareness among audiences in LinkedIn. Below are some of the ad placements for Sponsored Content.  

  • Single Image Ads: Photos and other still images 
  • Video Ads: Videos 
  • Carousel Ads: Storytelling 
  • Event Ads: Events 
  • Document Ads: Shared Documents 

* Sponsored Messaging: Like email marketing, Sponsored Messaging Ads lets you place ads on the inbox of your target audience.  

  • Conversation Ads: Lets you customize how your conversation with your target audience should flow  
  • Message Ads: Text-based ads activated through direct messages  

Lead Gen Forms: Quality leads with seamless pre-filled forms. 

Text & Dynamic Ads: These are LinkedIn’s native PPC ads. Ads are triggered once a user types the matching keyword on the platform’s search engine bar.  

  • Text Ads 
  • Spotlight Ads: Showcase product, service, event  
  • Follower Ads: Acquire more followers 

Learn More About LinkedIn Marketing with Digital 38  

Whether you want to drive brand awareness or generate quality leads, when it comes to B2B strategies, LinkedIn can have your back. And if you want to learn more about brands leveraging LinkedIn’s marketing and advertising solutions, read our articles below. 

You can also consult our team of digital marketing specialists. We have teams in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, and China who can support your brand’s marketing goals anytime.  

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* LinkedIn discontinued location targeting in the European Union (EU) on all Sponsored Messaging campaigns, effective January 10, 2022.

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BricSys Widens Reach in Asia with LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn Lead Generation: BricSys Widens Reach in Asia with LinkedIn Page | Digital 38

Design and engineering software provider BricSys is expanding its presence in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, and has chosen LinkedIn in aiding their lead generation strategies.  

The Belgium-based firm is eyeing to amplify its online presence in at least 12 locations in the APAC region. To jumpstart their marketing and expansion plans, they launched their official LinkedIn page.  Then they leveraged the platform in running campaigns to promote BricsCad, its computer-aid design (CAD) software application.  

As a result, Bricsys was not only able to generate traffic to their website from users in APAC. But also, it allowed them to build their online presence in the region.  

About BricSys and the BricsCAD Brand 

BricSys is the Belgium-based provider of CAD software applications for designers and engineers. They own the BricsCAD brand and technology. Founded in 2002, BricSys currently has strong presence in the United States, United Kingdom, Shanghai, South Korea, Hong Kong, and India.  

Learn more about BricSys and BricsCAD through this link. 

LinkedIn Lead Generation: Why It’s Important? 

Campaigns like BricSys executed on LinkedIn are essential for businesses looking to boost their brand awareness efforts, as well as drive traffic to their official website. And BricSys chose to leverage LinkedIn as part of its ‘quality not quantity’ leads generation tactics.  

Lead generation is one of the most important components when it comes to digital marketing. Without it, brands may not be able to reach out to more audiences. And without consistent and quality leads, you cannot drive traffic and most specially, sales.  

If you want to know more about other aspects of digital marketing? Click the links of our previous below.  

Digital Marketing the Right Way with Digital 38  

Creating your digital marketing campaigns can be a time-consuming task. This is why brands, both local and international ones, seek the help of specialists to guide them in the right direction. And you have come to the right place.  

Digital 38 is a digital media agency headquartered in Singapore. With over 15 years in experience, we have supported more than 100 regional and global brands in providing digital marketing, social media marketing, and Ecommerce solutions for their business’ growth.  

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