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4 Perks of Having an Instagram Shop


Social media applications like Instagram paved the way for a new generation of e-commerce marketing. This is why Instagram Shopping was born as more and more people discover new things to shop for.

And e-commerce players should definitely not miss the opportunity of millions visiting Instagram on a regular basis.

Moreso, Instagram’s survey showed that 70% of shoppers go to their application to discover new products and brands.

What is Instagram Shopping?

Instagram Shopping allows businesses to set up their own shop on the application.

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How to Set Up an Instagram Shop

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To start Instagram Shopping, all you have to do is set up your own Instagram Shop, and it is pretty easy.

On your Instagram account, navigate your way to the Settings option, and then click the Convert to Business button.

You can also start fresh with a dedicated Instagram account for your business, and connect your existing Facebook page for your convenience. 

Here are some perks in setting up your own Instagram Shop.


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In Instagram Shop, customers will no longer have to access outside platforms to shop. They can view, learn, and buy what you sell in one app.

Stronger Brand

Stronger Brand Image

Businesses using Instagram Shopping has more room to experiment on their marketing strategies, and build stronger brands. The app’s customizable features, such as curating your product collections, give e-commerce a new and different approach.

Seller and Customer Friendly

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Instagram Shopping enables sellers to set up shop in just one click.

Customers, too, will not be having a hard time browsing your collections because everything is found within a few scrolls and swipes. All product details and conditions for the purchase are contained in the Product Detail Page.

In addition, businesses have the option to put a checkout tab directly on Instagram or use other shopping tools to complete a  purchase.


Start rejoicing! With more Ads between the crowd’s favorite, Instagram Stories now, there are more digital marketing opportunities for you.

There is more to Instagram than influencers promoting your products. The social media app reported that influencers drive 87% of shoppers’ decision.

Businesses engaged in e-commerce can take advantage of Instagram Shopping’s features for promotion. These included posting Product Launches, publishing Live Videos, and ads.

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