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Which Singapore E-commerce Platform Should You Use to Sell Online?

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E-commerce has forever changed the marketing game in Singapore. The advent of digital technology and online marketing has allowed small businesses to run their company more proficiently and profitably. If you really want to expand your business, e-commerce is the way to go. But before you start, you need to first choose which Singapore e-commerce platform to sell your products online.

Each Singapore e-commerce platform comes with its own set of costs, commission rates and delivery options, therefore it’s important to weigh your choices carefully. Here are three e-commerce marketplaces to consider.

Singapore E-commerce Platforms

Lazada Singapore

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  • Cost of Setting Up Shop: Individual sellers need not pay a fee to set up an account
  • Commission Fee Structure: There is no commission charged for Lazada Marketplace sellers, whereas LazMall sellers pay between 3% to 5% in commissions, depending on category. To facilitate online credit card payment processing, there is a 2% payment gateway fee for Lazada Marketplace and LazMall sellers.
  • Delivery Options: Lazada Singapore exclusively uses SingPost or Ninja Van for the delivery of products to customers. When choosing Fulfillment by Lazada, there are additional fees ranging from $1.60 to $9.00 per cubic metre per item to cover manpower, storage and packaging costs.

Qoo10 Singapore

Qoo10 Singapore homepage

  • Cost of Setting Up Shop: There is a regular upfront fee of $100 to register for an account in Qoo10. While deciding to register for a Qstore would require a payment fee of $500. These initial setup fees will be for the intention of boosting posts and advertisements. Choosing the “Premium List” advertisement method will elevate the display rank of your items higher in the search result list along with red premium icons. This will allow your products to better stand out and catch customers’ attention in the Qoo10 website.
  • Commission Fee Structure: Their commission fee is 12% which is somewhat higher compared to the other Singapore e-commerce platforms. Therefore, your business will have to charge higher prices than usual to guarantee that your profit margins remain the same.
  • Delivery Options: Qoo10 uses Qxpress which offers 2 types of delivery services – Standard delivery and Quick delivery. Standard delivery doesn’t offer same day order and delivery. Instead, you have to select a pickup date from the following day onwards upon ordering. Standard delivery is on Mondays to Saturdays from 10am to 7pm. On the other hand, Quick delivery gives you the option of choosing a pickup time slot.

Shopee Singapore‍

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  • Cost of Setting Up Shop: Signing up as an Individual Seller in Shopee is free. However, to register as a Shopee Mall seller, you have to be an already recognized brand or high-ranking seller.
  • Commission Fee Structure: Shopee does not charge any commission to sellers on the platform. Notwithstanding, since August 2018, Shopee started charging 1% transaction fees for processing and payment for every successful order.
  • Delivery Options: Shopee sellers rely on Speedpost economy and Ninja Van for logistics and delivery services. It is important to indicate the weight and dimensions of the products before choosing an option to ship them out.

Whether you’re starting out a new online business, or have been in the game for a while, these Singapore e-commerce platforms can help with your campaign. You can launch quickly, reach built-in audiences immediately and take advantage of established programs that make it easy to market, sell and fulfill within each marketplace. To learn more about how to get the most out of these channels and to build a successful e-commerce business, get in touch with us today.

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