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Grow Your Sales with Shopping on Instagram

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A highly engaged user base and product-friendly feeds have made Instagram an extremely anticipated sales channel for Shopify merchants.

Instagram is one of the most used social apps around the world with over 500 million daily active users. It is also used in connecting with consumers using shops, influencers, and a platform for brands to advertise.

Photo Credits: Shopify

Through the updated shopping on the Instagram channel, sellers can now start tagging posts and using the most popular hashtags on Instagram in their products to make them discoverable to every user around the world. It will also let shoppers fulfill the entire purchasing journey from discovery to checkout.

Start selling with Instagram Shop

  • Run your business in a supported country
  • Install the Facebook channel in your Shopify store
  • Open an Instagram Business account

If you meet these requirements, simply add the Instagram sales channel to your Shopify store. Enable the feature by going to the Shopping portion under Business Settings in the Instagram app.

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Photo Credits: Oberlo

In addition, high-quality product shot or user-generated photo are able to turn organic engagement into an opportunity for customers to visit your Instagram Shop and checkout directly on Shopify without using different links.

Convert your Instagram posts into purchases

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Shopify is dedicated to expanding its Sales Channels to help online sellers to sell where the customers are and make these features available to more merchants around the world.

Instagram sales channel gives Shopify merchants access to millions of online shoppers on a platform that is truly dedicated to making commerce as seamless as scrolling and tapping through your feed.

Since Instagram (IG) became a powerful social media platform for Shopify’s merchants to engage with customers in different ways, it simplifies the shopping experience by allowing your audience to learn more about your products with just a single tap, taking them directly to your Shopify store to make a purchase.

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