Grow Your Business Abroad with Shopee International Platform

Shopee International Platform

Businesses have been expanding internationally as cross-border ecommerce services still proved to be effective and efficient in sales growth. And riding this wave is no other than Shopee with its newly launched Shopee International Platform (SIP).  

What is Shopee International Platform?

Shopee recently launched SIP as its cross-border program for businesses that want to increase sales by targeting consumers abroad. For now, Singapore is SIP’s pilot market. Shopee is expected to announce anytime which countries in Southeast Asia are next 

How Does It Work  

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Like most ecommerce sites doing cross-border services, Shopee’s SIP will be responsible for facilitating the purchase between the seller and international buyers. 

Sellers will be informed of any transaction made abroad. Once confirmed, sellers will be sending the package to Shopee’s Warehouse in Malaysia. From there, they would be the one to process the remaining stages of the order, ultimately sending the delivery to the buyer’s location. 

Benefits of Shopee International Platform

Presently, only selected businesses are qualified to have SIP. Nevertheless, businesses with SIP are guaranteed that localised selling experience will be sustained, which meant that after successfully registering to the program, no further steps are needed just so they can penetrate a market abroad.  

Aside from reaching out to more customers and potentially diversifying the business, Shopee’s SIP also provides logistics, customer service, and payment solutions at no additional charges to the sellers.  

Expand Your Business through Cross-Border Selling  

Cross-border selling is still one of the most effective ways for businesses that are looking to increase their sales. Contact us here, and our experts will determine how we can provide the best cross-border services for you.  

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