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How to Start Cross-Border Selling on Shopify


Technology enabled e-commerce to push through cross-border selling and completely transformed the way people buy stuff. Millions of purchases are made online every day regardless of where they are sourced and a large number of products are delivered to end consumers across the globe.

What is Cross-Border Selling?

Selling cross-border helps you reach consumers anywhere in the world by creating localised shopping experiences for your store visitors. Selling in several marketplaces can be an effective key to drive extra income for your business and create brand awareness on a global market.

Digital 38 | Cross-Border Selling Shopify FAQs

Benefits of Cross-border E-commerce

Selling online is no longer the realm of a selected class of e-commerce giants and brand manufacturers. As the technology continues to innovate, this enables small to medium online sellers and street-side businesses to go global and sell across the border effortlessly.

Not only online sellers will benefit from cross-border selling, but also e-commerce platforms such as Shopify.

How to Start Selling Cross-Border?

It is important that you identify your potential target markets before you start selling internationally. You can identify your potential target audience by looking at the size of the market, the simplicity of doing business in that market, and the potential return on investment. You should remember that localising the customer experience is key to driving traffic, and ultimately conversions.

Digital 38 | Cross-Border Selling Shopify FAQs

You should also provide your customers with an option to shop in their local language and currency to build their trust that can lead to higher sales.

It is important that you check with your shipping providers to find out what countries they ship to and which market regulates and limits your products. This way you can adjust shipping regions and comply with the regulations of the receiving market accordingly.

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