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PopSquare s a cluster of pop-up marketplace in which designers and innovators set-up and run their pop-up stores across different locations. PopSquare is run by an integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI), allowing vendors to link the gap between physical stores and online shopping.

It presents business an opportunity to:

  1. Capture consumer data and gather insights
  2. Create an environment that motivates, invite, participate, and improves shopping experience
  3. Build a long term relationship with its customers
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How does PopSquare work?

PopSquare works by using the latest big data, computer version, sensor fusion, and machine learning technologies that help you save up to 90% of effort and time in marketing your product. It also enables designers and innovators to fully understand their customers.

The AI booth uses 4-meter and 1-meter technologies. The 4-meter technology will automatically identify people within 4 meters of the flash car, while 1-meter technology is a computer vision machine that learns the flow, type and the number of people.

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PopTouch + PopDot

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2.0 Version

Moreover, the use of visual machine learning can help the brand clearly know the flow of people, conversion rates, and types of conversions in different flash experience locations, and make systematic analysis to gain insights into the experience of the product.

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Popsquare more ” JM9 ” brand founder Jerry . C Shelley come with a cargo of live, 5 G remote video online to share their new health care series, attracted people to stop and experience the unique, compelling and attract

Why PopSquare?

The pop-up experience platform can build a variation of ultimate interactive sights for shopping malls and brands, such as product display experience, old and new member experience, direct sales, virtual workshop, and 5G remote video retail scenes. Different brands can also choose multiple venues to achieve the greatest interactive shopping experience at the lowest cost in the wide-ranging marketplace.

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Photo credit: PopSquare

Where to find PopSquare?

If you’re looking to boost brand awareness and sales, leverage the power of AI with PopSquare pop-up booths. We can help you set up a booth that integrates AI, Big Data, Customer Engagement, Chatbot, and 5G technology, designed to provide a seamless shopping experience for your target consumers. Choose from prime locations like mall atrium spaces, event halls, hospitals, office lobby, and more.

Get started with PopSquare to lift brand awareness and sales. Contact us for a consultation with our experts.

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