Why Google Merchant Center is Important for Your Ecommerce?
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Why Google Merchant Center is Important for Your Ecommerce?

Why Google Merchant Center is Important for Your Ecommerce? | Digital 38

Find out why registering on Google Merchant Center is important for your Ecommerce business.  

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In Ecommerce, it is important for brands to ensure their presence is known on the internet. One way of helping you promote your brand, products and services on the web is through Google. As the world’s leading search engine, it generates at least 3.5 billion hits per day. That’s equivalent roughly to almost half of the entire world population.  

Google has been responsible for almost all brand and product discoveries online. After all, when consumers want to know more about the items they’re buying, and from what brand or manufacturer, they use the search engine bar.  

Now, for Ecommerce owners, how can they advertise their products and listings on Google? The process is quite simple and it all starts with Google Merchant Center. 

What is Google Merchant Center? 

As part of Google for Retail, Google Merchant Center is a comprehensive dashboard that enables businesses to manage their information and product listings across Google-owned Ecommerce platforms such as Google Shopping.  

With Google Merchant Center, you can do the following strategies to help your online business.  

Increase Brand Awareness Through Google Ads

If you want to launch Google Ads, then you need to sign up for Google Merchant Center. All information, photos, and product details you uploaded on your Google Merchant Center will serve as Google’s basis when generating and publishing your ads across its extensive Display Network. This included YouTube and its over 2 million partner websites.  

And opening your Google Merchant Center is a no brainer. If you want to know how to register your business on Google Merchant Center, let us help you.  

Let Your Customers Know Where You’re Located

Ideal for businesses with brick-and-mortar stores, having a Google Merchant Center, through its Google My Business profile, enables you to put relevant information such as your store branches and addresses, contact details, and opening hours. These details, in turn, will be displayed prominently on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) every time a user types in your business name or other relevant keywords.  

According to Google, 70% of online customers are more likely to visit your physical store when your location and other important information can be easily found on the internet. Moreover, 50% of them are also more likely to consider purchasing from brands with a complete Business Profile.  

Gain Visibility in Local Searches

Local searches have proven to be helpful in driving conversions on online stores. And with a Google Merchant Center, it automatically places your business within Google’s local listings in your area. Business owners and marketers should note that 4 out of 5 online customers use Google for local searches. This is why Google Merchant Center can come in handy for small and medium businesses looking to capture online customers.  

Unlock Opportunities for Your Ecommerce with Google Merchant Center  

Google remains one of the most reliable solutions when it comes to promoting brands and products online. With comprehensive tools such as Google Merchant Center, managing your Ecommerce business on the internet has been made easier.

If you want to learn more about other opportunities on Google for your online business, read our previous articles. 

You can also consult our team of Ecommerce specialists who can provide you with end-to-end solutions.  

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