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Why Your Shopify Store Needs Google Pay?

Why Your Shopify Store Needs Google Pay?

In 2020, Google announced a redeveloped digital wallet and payment system – Google Pay. It became a force to be reckoned with. Experts are now even calling it ‘disruptive’, and there are no signs of it slowing down soon.  

While it provides consumers with another digital wallet to store cash and pay for purchases, businesses are integrating Google Pay to their shops both for the convenience of buyers and their operations.  

Shopify Now Has Google Pay 

Leading this trend is no other than Shopify, becoming the first e-commerce platform to activate Google’s very own digital payment system on all its stores.  

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If your Shopify shop does not have Google Pay yet, then it is time to set it up for your business. And below are the reasons why Shopify store owners should also consider this opportunity.

Reaching Out To Millions of Customers

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Activating Google Pay for your e-commerce venture meant tapping into millions of people using various Google services, including Google Shop.  

Improve Conversion 

Shopify merchants can now provide faster checkout processes to their shoppers, thanks to Google Pay. Arming your Shopify store with Google Pay is easy – all you have to do is go to Store Settings, and switch on the feature as a payment option.  

Shopify’s partnership with Google was designed primarily to improve conversion rates at the checkout stage by rolling out a frictionless checkout process through Google Pay. In turn, it will help eliminate obstacles that kept a buyer from clicking the Place Order or Buy button.


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Like most digital wallets, Google Pay provides a sense of security for customers as it will no longer require buyers to further submit sensitive credit card information once they go to your shop’s checkout page.  

In addition, Shopify reported that approximately 70% of store traffic are from mobile users. Google Pay’s mobile-first design offers an opportunity for Shopify businesses to maximise traffic generated from mobile phones, increasing the potential of an improvement in conversions.

Seamless Payment Channels for Your Shopify Store

In e-commerce, it is important for businesses to always provide seamless payment channels for buyers. It will not only mean more conversions but will also strengthen a customer’s loyalty.  

And this where D38 can help. Contact us now, and our team of e-Commerce experts will assist you in setting up digital payment systems for your online stores. 

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