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How to Integrate DHL eCommerce to Your Shopify Store?

Shopify and DHL eCommerce (Logistics)

Cross-border e-commerce is still rapidly evolving especially now that the COVID-19 pandemic has created a significant shift among consumers’ buying behavior.  

But shipping your products through multiple countries, sometimes altogether, can be a daunting task. Thanks to DHL eCommerce, Shopify merchants can do cross-border selling without exerting too much effort, and cramming all channels into one system.  

Introducing DHL eCommerce

DHL and Shopify have partnered to provide a seamless way to do cross-border promotions for Shopify store owners.  

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DHL launched DHL eCommerce for Shopify to help Singapore-based sellers ship their products worldwide fast and easy, and in just one platform. It is virtually automating the entire shipping stage.  

According to DHL, Shopify owners can have the following features to optimise their cross-border selling operations once they installed the DHL eCommerce plugin into their stores:  

  • Printing DHL labels using DHL eCommerce, creating auto tracking codes and handover Notes conveniently for a smooth and reliable manifesting process in-line with specific regional requirements for DHL eCommerce. 
  • Get an integrated location finder with all delivery addresses of DHL Packstations, parcelshops and post offices in your Shopify web shop, and have them automatically transmitted to the delivery address. 

You can check out more about DHL eCommerce’s features for Shopify here 

How to Get DHL eCommerce for Shopify

DHL eCommerce is a plugin in Shopify, and setting up one for your online store is a no-brainer. Read on as we guide you in activating this feature for your shop.  

1. Sign Up on DHL eCommerce

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Before we go to the part of actually installing DHL’s plugin to your Shopify store, make sure you have signed up or registered your business’ account on DHL eCommerce which is for free, and can be found on DHL’s website. 

2. Install the Plugin

Login to your Shopify account, and then go to Shopify Apps store. Search for DHL for Shopify, and then click the Get or Add App button beside DHL. Then install the plug-in. 

Alternatively, you can directly download the DHL app for Shopify after you have registered your business on DHL eCommerce. 

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Once you have successfully installed the app to your Shopify store, you will be automatically redirected to the Main Settings Page of your DHL Shopify Integration app. From there, you can configure your settings according to what your business’s needs. 

You can also check out DHL’s Shopify Integration help page for further details on how to tinker the plugin to your liking. 

Perks and Promotions

Now that you have DHL eCommerce incorporated to your Shopify account, is there something more in store for you? Definitely.

Shopify owners that have DHL eCommerce plugins can avail themselves of exclusive perks and promotions from DHL.

Among them are discounted shipping rates which DHL promotes occasionally, and scheduling delivery pickups for free. 

DHL also offer merchants a Guaranteed Delivery wherein products will be shipped to customers within two to three business days in most international destinations.

Learn more what Shopify merchants can expect from using DHL eCommerce here.

Grow Your Shopify Sales through Cross-Border Selling

In today’s competitive e-commerce scene, cross-border selling is an essential part for businesses looking to grow their sales and expand their presence to international markets. Need help in cross-border selling and Shopify website management? Contact us now to schedule an appointment. 

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