Guide to Marketing Automation & Campaign on Shopify


Whether you have just launched your online store on Shopify or are planning to set up one in the future, it is important that you have a marketing plan to ensure your online business’ growth.  

There are tons of tools and apps on Shopify to help you increase traffic to your store, drive sales, and expand your customer base. And without further ado, let us introduce you to Shopify Marketing Automation and Campaigns.  

Shopify’s Marketing Automation and Campaigns

Through its Marketing Automation and Campaigns features, Shopify allows merchants to create promotional strategies at their own pace and liking.  

But before we go any further, let us guide you on the difference between Marketing Automation and Campaign, ultimately helping you identify which is best suited for your e-commerce goals.  

Marketing Automation vs. Campaigns

Both Shopify Marketing Automation and Campaign are created to achieve one, common goal and that is to help merchants like you drive growth to your online store. They can also be modified, deleted or archived any time you want.  
But one is designed differently from the other.  

1. Marketing Automation

Guide to Marketing Automation & Campaign on Shopify

Like most platforms doing marketing automation, Shopify’s Marketing Automation feature enables sellers to efficiently organise and implement all repetitive marketing tasks on an ongoing basis but without the hassle of searching for outside apps.  

More than that, it gives you the opportunity to both keep customer loyalty and expand your customer base within Shopify.  

With Marketing Automation on Shopify, you will be able to launch recovery emails to buyers who abandoned their carts, remind first-time visitors to return to your store, provide important updates to your existing customers, to name some, in just one platform.  

2. Marketing Campaigns

Guide to Marketing Automation & Campaign on Shopify

If you are looking to carry out multiple marketing activities with the intention to promote or advertise your products, store, or both, then you can do all of these through Shopify’s Marketing Campaigns.  

Marketing Campaigns on Shopify allows you to do one or more marketing initiatives such as product promotion and advertising your shop at the same time. But unlike Market Automations, these can only be set within a specified timeframe. 

This is why Marketing Campaigns are ideal for Shopify merchants who want to do a specific promotion, be it for their products, the stores themselves or both.  

Maximising Shopify’s Marketing Automation and Campaigns

Now that we’ve covered the basics, similarities, and differences about Shopify’s Marketing Automation and Campaigns, we’re down to the question of which is more effective for Shopify Store owners? 

The answer is simple and that would be finding out and determining what are your goals after opening up your own Shopify store.  

As a starter, you can utilise Marketing Automation to help you entice more customers to visit your shop. You can also launch several marketing strategies at once through Marketing Campaigns so buyers will know more about what you’re selling. Or you can combine both tools for a full-blown promotion.  

Get Started with Your E-Commerce Goals with the Right Experts

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