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Manage Google Shopping Ad Product Feeds for E-commerce

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Google Shopping Ads, also known as Google Product Listing Ads, is one of the most effective ways to drive sales and revenue for any e-commerce business. It’s true that it may be hard to top the competitors, but if you use the correct and effective approach, your online store can be successful.

What is Product Feed?

Everything begins with a product feed in Shopping ads. The product feed is the data Google uses to create your Shopping ads or listings.

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How to master product feeds?

If you want to make the most of free listings, take full advantage of your paid campaigns and bring your Shopping Actions campaigns to success, you must need to build a great product feed.

You can create a manual feed using Google Sheets for your product feed by adding product details following the format that Google provides.

Digital 38 | Components of Great Shopping Ads to your Online Store

Maximize your Top Feed

Google uses your feed and your product details pages and decides what keywords your products are related to. So, enhancing key elements of your feed is vital to guarantee your product shows for your chosen keywords.

Choosing Your Product Title

Your product title along with your product image tells Google what your product is, so it knows when to show your products to shoppers.

Weak Title: Breville Espresso Machine

Good Title: Breville Barista Express BES870XL Espresso Machine with Dual Burners—Stainless Steel

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Product Description

The product description is the most important and interesting part of your product feed as this field is mainly visible to buyers on the Shopping tab. To make a relevant and effective keyword, you need to think and mention what features and benefits of your product.

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Product Category

All your products are automatically assigned from Google’s continuously evolving product catalog. You should provide good, relevant titles and descriptions, as well as exact pricing, brand, and information to help you ensure your products are properly categorised.

Sample of google_product_category attribute is optional and can be used to override Google’s automatic categorisation in specific cases.

Product Type

You can do almost anything you want in this field but always remember to use this wisely as it will impact what keywords you show up for.


Google selects product images with clean and plain white backgrounds, but sometimes images of the product in its projected background work too. Make sure it’s cropped properly to show off your product’s important features as it will appear as a thumbnail.

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Product Highlights

You can include as many as 10 highlights per product but Google recommends four to six highlights with up to 150 characters each highlight to make it more effective and relevant.

Sales price note

Google will highlight this fact and that there’s a price drop if your product is on sale. Google requires you have a non-sale price that you charge for at least 30 non-consecutive days in the last 200 days. Your sales price then has to be at least 5% less, but not more than 90% less.

Digital 38 | Components of Great Shopping Ads to your Online Store
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Sales tax and shipping

It’s important to set up rules in Merchant Center than to fill in fields for each product because you can set up free shipping, flat rate shipping, and carrier calculated shipping through Merchant Center.

Digital 38 | Components of Great Shopping Ads to your Online Store
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Availability and Condition

These required qualities go hand-in-hand and their standards are set out by Google. Hence, you must submit exactly In Stock, Out of Stock, or Preorder for Availability, and either New, Used or Refurbished for Condition.

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