Intro to Google Display Ads: How Do They Work & Help My Brand Grow?
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Intro to Google Display Ads: How Do They Work & Help My Brand Grow?

Intro to Google Display Ads: How Do They Work & Help My Brand Grow?

Get to know Google Display Ads and learn how it can bring wonders for your brand’s growth.  

What are Google Display Ads?  

With millions of internet users hitting its search bar every minute, Google is definitely an opportunity hard to ignore for brands looking to widen their online presence and reach more people. 

But did you know that the search engine behemoth provides solutions beyond its popular Search Ads?  

Search Ads vs. Display Ads  

Brands usually tap Google’s search ads as part of its efforts to increase brand awareness, improve site ranking on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), and drive more traffic and potentially, conversions. However, they can also achieve the same goals in an entirely different approach.  

Instead of relying on hits made on the search bar, Google allows brands to leverage its wide and extensive network of native platforms, channels, apps, videos, and even third-party partners to expand their reach with the help of Google Display Ads.  


In its operational sense, Google Display Ads lets you publish your ads on Google-owned platforms like YouTube, Google Maps and Gmail.  

Unlike Search Ads, they can support rich media content like photos. In case you forget, striking and unique visuals are generally more effective in attracting audiences, even on the internet. Visual ads, therefore, can be more engaging and more powerful than your text-based ads.  

Google Display Ads also allows you to narrow down your target audience, making sure that the ads you’re running will reach the relevant people on the internet. Brands can define their target market beyond demographics and age group by using categories such as Affinities and Interests.  

Furthermore, you can retarget your Google Display Ads, making them a cost-efficient digital advertising solution.  

Kickstart Your Digital Advertising Journey with D38 

With their abilities to publish powerful and flexible ads, Google Display Ads can be your brand’s key to reach more audiences, and potentially achieve more. If you want to learn more about Google’s marketing and advertising solutions, read our previous articles.  

Alternatively, you can consult our Google-certified marketing specialists who can guide you in the right direction. We have teams based in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand, ready to support your marketing goals anytime. 

Contact us now. 

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