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How SEO Can Give Your Online Business the Much-Needed Boost?

SEO Services: How They Can Give Your Online Business Its Much-Needed Boost?  | Digital 38

If your online business is not yet powered with SEO, and you’re reading this article, trust us when we say these simple and affordable marketing services can be the key to your Ecommerce’s growth. 

SEO: What the Fuss is All About?  

SEO: A Guide to Driving Traffic to Your Ecommerce Site | Digital 38

SEO is not just a buzzword in the world of Ecommerce. With competition getting tougher, stakes getting higher, you should also be stepping up your visibility efforts. And deploying SEO tactics is one of the best solutions.  

Why? Read on as we explain several benefits you can get when your Ecommerce site gets optimised. 

1. Gain More Exposure by Getting Ranked  

The main objective of having SEO services is that it makes sure your site gets ranked, and lands on the sweetest spots on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs). Getting ranked on SERPs lets you gain more exposure, potentially capturing a large portion of internet users and ultimately drive organic traffic to you web.  

2. Increase in Leads & Conversions

Gaining more exposure can also help you get more quality leads and improve conversions. Search engine remains the top source of inquiries and web traffic. And online consumers resort to search engine platforms such as Google in looking for products and brands.

These facts underscore the importance of ensuring your Ecommerce site is armed with the right SEO strategies. 

3. Affordable & Sustainable

In addition, SEO stands out as the most sustainable and affordable format of search marketing. It may take some time for your site to take off, and get ranked on top of SERPs. But as soon as it does, the results will be definitely beneficial for your brand. 

Furthermore, you are not likely to spend another dime in sustaining your gains.  

Take Your Ecommerce Game to New Heights  

To sum it all up, SEO helps you boost your visibility, improve leads and conversions, and even save you from unnecessary expenses.  

It may sound complicated but learning the best practices is the first step towards the right direction. And if you need some expert assistance and guidance in employing SEO services for your Ecommerce site, then we’re here for you. 

Find out more about how SEO and other search marketing formats can boost your brand’s growth. Read our articles below. 

Digital 38 has dozens of search marketing specialists, ready to support your SEO plans and goals. We have helped more than 100 brands launch their Ecommerce venture, and optimise their sites across the Asean Economic Community (AEC). 

Schedule an appointment with us today. 

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Guide to Google Smart Bidding, Reach and Robots

readh and robots

Several advertisers today are taking hold of Google’s advances in machine learning with smart bidding strategies, reach, and robots to their e-commerce store.

About Google Smart Bidding

Smart Bidding is a subgroup of automated bid strategies that use machine learning to enhance and analyse millions of signals in a second to adjust bids to help hit your targets for conversions or conversion value.

Digital 38 | Guide to Google Smart Bidding, Reach and Robots
Photo credit: Google

How Does it Work?

Google Smart Bidding uses “auction-time bidding,” which means it adjusts bids in real-time for each shopper. Therefore, for every shopper who types in a keyword that triggers your ad, Google is adjusting the bid based on how possibly they think that person is to purchase.

Using context clues like ad creative, time, and user device, it can figure out the possibility of conversion and then create a bidding strategy around those numbers and make improvements over time.

Digital 38 | Guide to Google Smart Bidding, Reach and Robots
Photo credit: Google support

Learning About Reach and Robot

As far as reach goes, many shopping ads can now appear in all the market places. More ad placements mean more opportunities for you to reach shoppers. For standard Shopping campaigns, you can have control over where your ads may appear by adjusting the network settings while for Smart Shopping campaigns, you can get all available networks without the ability to choose out of anything.

With robots, Google has steadily been adding more machine learning and artificial intelligence to both campaign setup and management, namely in the form of Smart campaigns and Smart Bidding. We’ll discuss Smart campaigns in a moment.

Digital 38 | Guide to Google Smart Bidding, Reach and Robots
Photo credit: Shopify

Why Use Google Smart Bidding?

Using Google Smart bidding will enable you to the following features:

  • Evaluate lots of different signals and context clues to modify bids to each user’s single account.
  • Offer flexible control over performance to direct your bidding performance based on the attribution model you choose.
  • Deliver custom reports and updates that allow you to understand what’s going on with your bidding strategies

Ready to accelerate your business online? Find out how we can help your e-commerce store reach its goals. Contact us to speak with our experts.

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D38 is a South East Asia-focused ecommerce agency that provides end-to-end Ecommerce solutions to grow your business on the digital space and generate ongoing monthly revenue. Our e-commerce solutions range from website development, store management, logistics, CRM, customer loyalty programs, automated email marketing, SEO, marketing tools, product press-release (PR) to reputation management – helping international companies simplify e-commerce management across ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

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