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SEO: Quick Guide to Driving Traffic to Your Ecommerce Site

SEO: A Guide to Driving Traffic to Your Ecommerce Site | Digital 38

Search Engine Optimisation, commonly and simply known as SEO, is an essential marketing instrument for all types of businesses, including Ecommerce. In this article, we will explain why your Ecommerce site needs SEO, and how to get started with it.  

What is SEO?

In its operational sense, SEO enables your website to be easily crawled and scanned by search engine bots so they can rank and place it on the top of the search results page (SERP). But in a marketing perspective, it’s your key to driving organic traffic to your Ecommerce site. Read on as we discuss the basics of SEO  

Basics of SEO 

1. Select the Right Keywords

The entire SEO process starts on search engines where users type only a few keywords when looking for their next product or searching for a brand. So, you must select the right keywords that will direct potential buyers to your website. These keywords must also be found on other sections of Ecommerce site.  

2. Always Put Alt Texts on Images

Rich media contents on your website such as images are also important for a better SEO score. This is why you must always put alt texts on your photos. The texts should also be similar or, at the very least, closely related to your chosen keywords. 

3. Be Unique

Duplication is one of the reasons why Ecommerce sites get ranked down. Contents found on your website must be unique. You must refrain from publishing texts verbatim from another source. For example, you should not copy-then-paste the product details from your manufacturer’s site to your own online shop.

4. Don’t Forget Backlinks and Internal Links

Place links from trust-worthy websites as well as links to your site’s other pages in order to increase your authoritative factor.  

Benefits of SEO  

If you’re new to SEO, and haven’t had one for your Ecommerce site, then you should start one soon. Below are just some of the benefits you can reap.  

  • Enhanced Customer Experience 
  • Improved Website Speed 
  • Primary source of leads 
  • Brings high conversion rates 
  • Widens brand awareness 
  • A long-term marketing strategy that entails little cost 

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Effective & Efficient SEO with Digital 38 

When it comes to online shopping, brands and businesses should remember that the customer’s journey always starts at search engines.  

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