Best Practices for Your Shopify Store’s Growth

Learn These Best Practices for Your Shopify Store | Digital 38

Selling on your Shopify store sounds easier than done, and it’s true. Getting your online business to take off and grow can be an uphill climb. But fret not as we introduce to you some of the best practices that could help your brand’s Ecommerce growth. 

Follow These Tips for Your Shopify Store 

1. Utilise Social Media 

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are not only great in driving brand awareness and engagement. They can also be your biggest source of leads. You should be utilising them as your channels to meet your customers. And in that way, it can help drive traffic to your Shopify store. 

Furthermore, social networking sites offer businesses the option to advertise their products that will direct potential buyers to their official website or online store. In Facebook, it’s called Collaborative Ads.  

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2. Remind Shoppers of their Abandoned Carts


In the world of online shopping, customers have the tendency not to hit the check-out button for the products they added to their carts. Good thing Shopify has a unique feature called Abandoned Cart Reminder that sends emails to remind your buyers in proceeding with their purchase. You can also customise your messages!  

3. Check What Your Customers Have to Say

Product feedback or review are inarguably important for an online store to grow. Unlike retail shoppers, online buyers check ratings and reviews not only about your store but also the products you’re selling.  

With higher ratings and favorable reviews, customers will not hesitate in purchasing your products online. 

4. Manage & Optimise Content 

When selling on Shopify, it’s essential for your business to provide an enhanced and enriching customer experience. In doing so, you need to regularly manage and optimise content found on your online shop. This will not only help improve your conversions but also reinforce customer retention and loyalty.  

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