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Laurier Launches TikTok Ads to Connect with Malaysia’s Youth

Laurier Launches TikTok Ads to Connect with Malaysia’s Youth | Digital 38

Japan-based sanitary brand Laurier is banking on TikTok ads to reach out to its target audience in Malaysia – young adults.  

Laurier launched its #LaurierNightSafe campaign on TikTok through a series of ads, both in Malay and English, allowing them to expand their audience reach as well as increase brand awareness among the younger demographics. 

The ads were published as in-feed ads, targeting female young adults belonging in the age group 13 to 24 years old.  

TikTok users curious to know more about Laurier will also be redirected to a landing page featuring their official Facebook page, where more details about their latest product can be found.  

TikTok: Your Key in Connecting Today’s Youth  

TikTok has changed the social media world completely, all thanks to its rapid rise in popularity and increasing number of users.

As of October 2021, its monthly active user base hit 1 billion, a growth rate never seen before in other established and equally popular social media platforms.  

But brands are choosing TikTok as part of their overall growth strategy not only due to its growing number of users but also on the fact that it’s the most effective channel in reaching out to today’s youth. 

According to Data Reportal 2021, young adults age 18 to 24 years old comprise most of TikTok’s Global Advertising Audience share.  

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