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WeChat in Singapore at a Glance & Why Your Brand Needs it?

Digital 38, a WeChat Agency in Singapore

If you are planning to tap Chinese markets in Singapore, you must have heard about WeChat. Read on as we discuss why your brand should be in WeChat and how experts from Digital 38, a digital media agency in Singapore, can help you get started.  

Why You Should be on WeChat?  

WeChat is a popular social media platform in China. But its presence is not only limited in China as there are literally millions of users from various parts of the world using the app in a regular basis, including those from Singapore.   

Your Ultimate Guide to WeChat Ads

Wondering why it’s essential for brands in Singapore to create their official and verified WeChat account? Below are some of the best answers that would help clear some doubts for you.  

1.) WeChat is Among the Top 10 Popular Social Networks in SG 

Data Reportal in 2021 listed WeChat as one of the top 10 most widely used social networks in Singapore. Penetration rate of WeChat in the city-state stands at 32.5% in January 2021. Furthermore, there are more than 500,000 active users of WeChat in Singapore.  

Image Source: Data Reportal 2021

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2.) Connecting with Chinese markets in Singapore & Abroad 

Singapore is a global city where diversity thrives. So, it’s no surprise why Chinese nationals settle in the city-state. In fact, they are the second largest group of migrants living and working in Singapore, accounting for nearly 18% of the foreign-born population. 

And WeChat is their most preferred app to instantly communicate with their relatives, friends, and colleagues.  

Case in point – Singapore’s very own ST Signature.

ST Signature, which owns a chain of high-end hotels and hostels, leveraged WeChat in reaching out to potential customers from China. They published ads on WeChat to entice Chinese tourists to come to Singapore, and stay in their properties.  

The campaign also helped the hotel brand amplify its presence in the digital world and among Chinese markets not only in Singapore but also overseas.  

Digital 38, a WeChat Agency in Singapore

Read more about ST Signature’s WeChat campaign below. 

3.) People Shop on WeChat 

WeChat has become a ‘super app’, thanks to its payment system WePay that allows users to seamlessly transact with their bills and even do online shopping.  

But the introduction of WePay has also paved way for brands to offer their customers another channel in buying their products online. Shoppers no longer have to exit the platform when purchasing on WeChat as the platform allows businesses to integrate their official websites or online stores there.  

For example, Taiwanese skincare brand Yuan Skincare launched its official WeChat account not only to widen its audience reach and scale up brand awareness but also to provide Chinese consumers, particularly those from Singapore, another avenue to buy their products.  

Learn more about the launching of Yuan Skincare’s official WeChat account by clicking the link below. 

Launch Your Official & Verified WeChat Account Now 

But the world of WeChat is more than just your gateway to connecting and engaging with Chinese audiences in Singapore. It could be your key in expanding your brand’s growth in an international level.  

Digital 38, a WeChat Agency in Singapore

If you wanted to know more about WeChat’s potential for your business, then you’re in the right place. Here in Digital 38, we have a dedicated team of WeChat specialists, ready to support you in your digital marketing plans.  

Digital 38 is a digital media agency with presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan that has helped over 100 brands create their official and verified WeChat, and launch multiple WeChat Ads campaigns.  

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