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Verify Your WeChat & Weibo: Why it Matters?

Verify Your WeChat & Weibo: Why it Matters? | Digital 38

Determining the right social channels, such as WeChat and Weibo, to launch marketing campaigns in China is crucial for any brands, and the first step towards the right direction is to verify your accounts.  

Social Media Landscape in China  

China maybe virtually isolated when it comes to the world of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but the nation of over 1.4 billion tech-savvy people is as hyperconnected as everyone who have access to these global social media giants – thanks to local social networking apps like WeChat and Weibo 

WeChat and Weibo are two of the widely used social media platforms across Greater China. 

Official and verified Weibo account of Thailand’s IGNITE 

Outsiders often mistake these two as identical and the same, and this is why brands must employ the help of marketing specialists to avoid this common misconception. Weibo and WeChat have different features and selling points for businesses looking to leverage their platforms. 

Official & verified WeChat accounts

WeChat remains the top mobile app in China, garnering over 1 billion monthly active users while Weibo amassed 566 million monthly active users as of 2021.  

Weibo is dubbed as the ‘Chinese Twitter’, a more open microblogging platform while WeChat is more a tight-knit online community as it targets users in a more personal approach. However, this doesn’t mean one has ticked all the boxes than the other. Let’s see their clear-cut distinct advantages. 

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Key Differences Between Weibo & WeChat marketing 

  • Brands aiming to broadcast to a mass audience are far more suited to use Weibo as it is set to public. 
  • For targeted marketing and improving customer loyalty, WeChat may best accommodate. 
  • For influencer marketing, users are more likely to follow celebrities or influencers through Weibo given the platform’s openness. 
  • WeChat can only be used in mobile, while Weibo on both mobile and desktop. Your WeChat marketing strategy needs to be mobile-friendly. 

Why Verifying Weibo & WeChat Matters? 

Like any marketing and advertising channels, building trust among potential consumers on social media is inarguably important. And one important step in doing that is to acquire the verification badge.  

Users need to make sure they’re reaching your brand’s official account in specific channels. You must clear the path for your customers’ journey by gaining that official status with a verified icon or badge of either Weibo or WeChat. 

Verify Your Weibo & WeChat with Digital 38 

We understand that doing so can be quite challenging for new players in the Chinese markets, given the strict requirements and examination like submitting supporting documents in their local language. 

This is where Digital 38 comes in to assist you to simplify the entire marketing processes so you can get started with your WeChat and Weibo marketing. 

Now, to set up and position your brand to market in China, let us help you first get your Weibo and WeChat account verification. Contact us now to get verified the soonest!

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