LINE MyShop, Your Answer to Social Commerce in Thailand
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LINE MyShop in Thailand: Everything You Need to Know

Your Guide to LINE MyShop, Thailand’s Biggest Social Commerce Platform | Digital 38

More and more social media platforms are recognising the potential of social commerce, and the latest to join in the band is no other than social media and messaging app LINE with their LINE MyShop feature for brands looking to penetrate markets based in Thailand.  

LINE Marketing: Connecting with Thai Audience

LINE has grown tremendously in Thailand where it is the leading instant messaging and call app. Now, it is being reimagined as a super app after launching LINE MyShop.  

What is LINE MyShop?  

LINE MyShop is a social selling tool where businesses can create a website, chat with customers, and manage orders all for free and in one platform. In order to use this feature, you must connect your official LINE account. If you don’t have one yet, you can contact us to know how.  

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Quick Set-Up

After setting up your official LINE account, you can proceed in activating your MyShop and start selling your products online without any hassle as it provides businesses a complete set of easy-to-use Ecommerce tools for free. 

This included creating orders, managing your inventory and supply, print shipping orders, notify parcel numbers, and generate reports.  

Benefits & Perks

If your brand is yet to set foot on Thailand, you should consider having LINE as part of your digital marketing solutions.  

As one of the widely used messaging apps in Thailand, LINE has the ability to connect you to over 45 million people. 

Moreover, social commerce is gaining significant popularity among Thai consumers. In fact, more than 40% of customers in Thailand turn to social media platforms such as LINE when buying and selling.  

But above all, what makes LINE MyShop a remarkable social commerce platform is that it provides the best online shopping experience for shoppers in Thailand that would definitely help your brand grow – by improving sales and boosting customer retention. 

Customers no longer need to create accounts on LINE when shopping for the products they want. Also, they are rewarded with LINE POINTS every time they purchase using Rabbit LINE Pay, LINE’s own payment system.  

Introduce Your Brand in Thailand with LINE MyShop 

Let us help you in your expansion goals in Thailand with LINE MyShop. Here in Digital 38, we have local teams in Thailand ready to support your Ecommerce venture. You can trust our specialists to provide you end-to-end Ecommerce solutions, including LINE marketing.  

Contact us today to get started.  

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