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LINE Marketing: Connecting with Thai Audience

LINE Marketing: Connecting with Thai Audience

To penetrate markets in Thailand, you should consider leveraging LINE as part of your marketing strategy.

According to Data Reportal in January 2020, LINE is the third most-used social media platform in Thailand at 85%.

Source: Data Reportal 2020

Also, LINE has a heaping 46 million active user base in Thailand alone, based on a data released LINE for Business.

Aside from messaging, LINE offers many features as a social commerce platform – LINE Official Account and LINE MyShop. With its popularity and benefits, LINE has become a profitable business opportunity for both local and international brands. 

Connecting with Thai Audience Through LINE Marketing

Since LINE is one of the leading communication tools in Thailand, brands can greatly benefit from it to boost their sales. With LINE marketing in Thailand, it enables you to:

  • Send push notifications to all of your Official Account followers
  • Distribute coupons and rewards
  • Run market surveys
  • Use Official Account’s data and insights on LINE Ads Platform (LAP) to bid for advertising space on LINE Chat, Timeline and LINE TODAY
  • Set up an e-commerce store on LINE MyShop
  • Find the right channel to reach audiences via LINE Smart Channel’s Chat list tab and Story-Linked ad on LINE TV

According to Chief Content Business Officer of LINE Thailand Kanop Supamanop, LINE will soon include a new advertising space on LINE PC that will make it easier to buy ads via the CMS app. By simply setting their budget to build customer base directly, you can now easily buy ad space on LINE.

Case Study: Swarovski LINE Marketing Strategy

For instance, the premium jewellery brand Swarovski launched its LINE Official Account (OA) in 2020. With LINE Broadcast message function, Swarovski can directly send information about its new collections and special promotions to 100% of its followers.

In addition, LINE OA followers are able to privately message the brand to purchase products, make payments, and arrange for delivery. 

Furthermore, Swarovski grew their LINE OA fan base organically by sharing their OA link in its Facebook posts. With this strategy, Swarovski successfully converted social media engagements into sales even during the pandemic period.

In conclusion, you can successfully capture Thai consumers via LINE Marketing. With its powerful features, you can easily connect with a wide audience and ultimately convert them into your loyal customers.

If you’re all set to take on LINE Marketing in Thailand, contact us today to get started.

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