WeChat Verification: Panda Star’s 1st Step in Expanding Online Presence
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Thailand’s Panda Star Now on WeChat as it Expands Online Presence

WeChat Verification: Panda Star’s Makes 1st Step in Expanding Online Presence | Digital 38

Thailand-based flour and rice exporter Panda Star is stepping up its marketing game as it launches its own WeChat account, and after acquiring the verification badge, it’s on track on widening its online presence. 

WeChat Verification: Panda Star’s Makes 1st Step in Expanding Online Presence | Digital 38

With an official and verified WeChat account, Panda Star now has the ability to engage directly with markets based in China as well as Chinese users in Thailand and abroad, announce updates and promotions, and publish ads, ultimately enabling them to increase brand awareness.  

Burapa Prosper, one of the leading flour manufacturers in Thailand for over 40 years, is the owner of the Panda Star brand. They produce and distribute rice flour, glutinous rice flour, tapioca pearl and mixed flour in China under the Panda Star brand. 

WeChat Verification: The 1st Step in WeChat Advertising 

With its 1.25 billion active users worldwide, WeChat is definitely an opportunity not to be missed, especially for brands planning to target Chinese audiences not only in mainland China but also around the world. WeChat is also dubbed as the super app in China as it combines instant messaging, social media, Ecommerce and digital payment into one, handy platform.  

But to advertise and launch effective marketing campaigns on WeChat, the first step for brands is verification. Acquiring a verified badge for your WeChat official account provides more credibility for your brand, and it is also your key to more advanced marketing tools on the app such as WeChat Advertising, WeChat Pay, and more advanced APIs. 

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