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BricSys Gains Speed in Expanding Online Presence in Asia

Lead Generation: How BricSys Steps Up Online Presence in Asia | Digital 38

Design and engineering software provider BricSys is gaining momentum in its expansion plans in Asia as it executes lead generation strategies on LinkedIn covering at least 12 countries. 

BricSys launched its first LinkedIn campaign in Asia to promote BricsCAD, its computer-aid design (CAD) software application. The brand selected LinkedIn as part of its ‘quality not quantity’ leads generation tactics.  

Doing so, the brand was not only able to generate traffic to their website from users in Asia-Pacific. But also, it allowed them to build their online presence in the region. Social media campaigns like the one BricSys executed on LinkedIn are also instrumental for businesses looking to boost their brand awareness efforts.   

About BricSys and the BricsCAD Brand 

BricSys is a global provider of CAD software applications for designers and engineers. They own the BricsCAD brand and technology. Established in 2002, BricSys currently has strong presence in the United States, United Kingdom, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, and India. Its headquarters is in Belgium. Learn more about BricSys and BricsCAD through this link.

Lead Generation: Why It’s Essential?  

Lead generation is one of the important foundations in digital marketing. Without this strategy, brands may not be able to reach out to more audiences, and pump up their presence. And these are essential if you are looking to expand your business exponentially.

Without proper and well-planned leads, you cannot also drive traffic and most specially, sales. This is why it’s a must in your digital marketing plans.

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