Kundal Widens Reach with Shopee Ads

How to Get Started on Shopee Shop Search Ads Featuring Kundal | Digital 38

Learn how international personal care brand Kundal boosted brand and product discovery with Shopee’s Shop Search Ads. 

Kundal on Shopee Malaysia  

Kundal is expanding in the Asia-Pacific region as it opened its official Shopee store on Shopee Malaysia. But in order to widen its presence, drive traffic to its online store, and increase conversions, the brand banked on Shopee Ads. 

How to Get Started on Shopee Shop Search Ads Featuring Kundal | Digital 38

Kundal launched Shopee Shop Search ads to improve visibility of its products on the Ecommerce platform. Consumers simply have to type the brand name, and its official Shopee store automatically appears on the portion of the app’s search page.

Shopee Search ads, like the one launched by Kundal, enable brands to stand out on Shopee’s platform. With Shopee Search ads, you can not only choose the tagline to entice buyers in checking out your shop. But also, you have the ability to customise your landing page, ultimately providing better purchasing experience for potential buyers.  

About Kundal 

Since its creation in 2016, Kundal has grown exponentially across different parts of the world. Originating from South Korea, Kundal is known for producing self-care, hygiene, beauty and fragrance products using natural ingredients through sustainable means. The brand name is derived from the word ‘Kunst’ which means art, skill and professional, and ‘Kindal’ which means and refers to the macadamia nuts they use.  

The Power of Shopee Ads 

When it comes to markets in Southeast Asia, opening a store on Shopee is a necessity. And savvy brands know that they need to take their Ecommerce level a step further so they can compete with the rest. You need solutions such as Shop Search Ads that help you drive awareness to your official store and products on the platform.  

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Launch Your Shopee Ads  

How to Get Started on Shopee Shop Search Ads Featuring Kundal | Digital 38

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