iPay88 Introduces Easy Payment Plan to Shopify Stores

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Many e-commerce businesses that retail valuable items have buyers who prefer to pay in installments rather than a full amount at once. Listed are the 3 reasons why should you use the Easy Payment Plan of iPay88.

What is iPay88?

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iPay88 is the leading and award-winning regional Payment Gateway Provider in South East Asia. They offer advanced and innovative solutions to accept payments online.

iPay88 Easy Payment Plan

With the iPay88 Easy Payment Plan, online sellers can offer their customer an option to choose an installment plan and pay for the goods and services within a distinct period of time.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use the Easy Payment Plan

Digital 38 | iPay88 Introduces Easy Payment Plan
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1. It’s Simple

The Easy payment plan provides a range of choices to your customers in selecting an installment plan and pay for the products or services within the scheduled time. This payment plan will not apply interest fees and is more suitable for more expensive purchases.

2. It’s Fast

Your clients will have the chance to select the period of payments upon their checkout. After that, their credit card will be charged every month for their chosen period of time. Basically, the Easy payment plan will not be needing any additional configuration.

3. It’s Safe

The Easy payment plan automatically comes with the Automated Fraud Screening system, which is intended to avoid illegal activities or purchases. iPay88 will be transparent with all the transaction details and will report it to you in real-time.

Digital 38 | iPay88 Introduces Easy Payment Plan
Photo credit: iPay88

Features of Easy Payment Plan

  • The Easy Payment Plan is only applicable to Malaysia Ringgit currency.
  • This plan is available for Hong Leong Bank and Maybank credit card holders for procurements over 500 MYR
  • The length of tenures are three, six, nine, twelve, twenty-four, and thirty-six months
  • They provide complete reports for financial reconciliation
  • Bank confirmations are delivered instantly
  • Comes with Automated Fraud Screening
  • Follows the International Standard of Security
Need help setting up and integrating an iPay88 account for your Malaysia e-commerce store? We can assist you with the application, as well as link your approved account to Shopify to start receiving payments through iPay88. Contact us to get started.

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