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Smile Loyalty Program Points


Establish a strong loyalty and customer engagement with the Smile Loyalty Program Points. Join thousands of e-commerce stores in boosting sales from your existing customer base through referrals, loyalty points, ad campaigns, and many more!

About the app

A Smile loyalty program gives your customers access to exclusive perks, attractive discounts, and a fun way to engage with your brand every time they visit and purchase on your store.

Use points to motivate your customers

Give your customers a remarkable rewards program experience from their first visit to your store all the way to checkout using their points.

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Join, engage and share!

Create a massive impact by rewarding customers for creating an account and making purchases. You can give points for customer’s writing product reviews, social follows, and celebrating a birthday to encourage more engagement. Inspire clients to share and refer your e-commerce store through social rewards.

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Reward every valuable engagement

Reward your customers every time the following happens:

  • Account creation
  • Social shares
  • Purchases
  • Birthdays
  • Social follows
  • Anything

Offer rewards that they will need:

  • Percentage discount
  • Dollar discount
  • Free product
  • Free shipping

The several ways of rewarding customers have made Smile the key to growth for online merchants.

Features needed to build an engaged customer community

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Points expiry

Trigger your inactive customers with built-in reactivation emails.

Custom points names

Give your points a unique name to create a relatable brand experience.

Rate limiting

Decide how frequently your buyers can receive points.

Earning conditions

Use conditions to modify your program and alter earning rules to specific shopper groups.

Ready to build your own brand community? Join the world’s most successful brands using today. We can help you set up your eCommerce store and integrate for a seamless online shopping experience. Contact us today!

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