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Ecommerce Loyalty Program: Rewards

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An eCommerce loyalty program is also known as a reward program. It increases retention, acquires frequency, long-term customer values, and referrals. The best perks of having loyalty programs include free gifts, generous discounts, early purchase of exclusive products, and points for prizes.

Reward programs give the buyers great motivation to purchase more products and come back for more. This creates a valuable relationship between the business and its consumers. Loyalty Program Pricing Chart | D38 Ecommerce Loyalty Program website Pricing Chart | Source: Loyalty Program lets customers join, participate, and share your brand’s platform. The Point System motivates customers into engaging with your program. Keep your best customers interested by giving them special rewards and rank and give special attention to your loyal customers who refer to your brand.

Point System

Give special rewards to customers that created an account and made purchases. Reward points for customers who write product reviews and more. Endorse social rewards to those who will provide referrals for your brand.

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Reward System

Offer rewards for every customer valuable engagement such as account creation, SNS shares, acquisitions, birthdays, etc.

Rewards can be in a form of a percent discount, discount on dollars, free products, or free shipping. Pricing price for Starter is USD49 (~SGD66.96) per month. It comprises points program, referral program, program branding, and reward emails. It also has 1 Smile integration involved.

The most popular plan is Growth which is USD199 (~SGD271.94) per month. It has the features included in the Starter plan plus nudges, points expiry, an analytics dashboard, and 2 Smile integrations.

The Pro plan, on the other hand, costs USD599 (~SGD818.55) per month that includes all features under the Growth plan plus a VIP program and unlimited Smile integrations.

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Repeat customers are vital to businesses. The rise of your business profitability begins with your loyal customers. Loyal customers will not only repeatedly buy at your store, but they’ll also be the key to new customers to purchase in your business. That makes loyalty a powerful customer acquisition factor. Focusing on customer retention is a key step in getting the most out of your repeat customers. Businesses should focus on customer retention as it is a vital step to get the best out of your regulars.

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