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Yuan Skincare Brings More Smile from their Rewards Program

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Yuan Skincare proudly offers its customers a wide variety of skincare products. You can find everything you need at Yuan Skincare, from handmade soaps to hair care products, to limited edition gift sets.

Join their Club 365 membership program and earn a lot of rewards by merely referring your family and friends to purchase Yuan Skincare’s products such as their best-selling Wild Mugwort (艾草) Classic Soap, which is available at Yuan Skincare official online store.

Join the Club 365

Buyers get to earn various rewards for every referral they make. For example, every successful referral will give you and your friend a chance to earn $5 (Singapore) or RM18 (Malaysia) for any purchase at www.yuanskincare.sg or www.yuanskincare.my.

Here’s how to sign up to be a Club 365 member:

Photo Credits: Yuan Skincare
  1. Make sure that you have created an account on Yuan Skincare so that you’ll be eligible for Club 365’s program. Follow this link for signing up: Singapore – https://yuanskincare.sg/account/registerMalaysia – https://yuanskincare.my/account/register
  2. Once you’re in, proceed to the Rewards widget that is located at the bottom left corner of the website.
  3. Copy your referral URL or share it through your social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Take note that a referral will only be considered successful if your friend or family is a new customer to Yuan Skincare and purchases successfully for the first time using your unique promo code.

Existing customers can share their referral links with as many people as they wish to. The more friends customers refer to that also purchases from Yuan Skincare, the more rewards the customers will receive.

Read more about the Club 365 Refer-A-Friend Program here for the full details.

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