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Market Readiness Assistance Grant Application Process

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Market Readiness Assistance Grant makes it possible for Singapore-based SMEs to venture overseas. Here are the steps on how to apply for the MRA grant.

How to Apply


Take note that retrospective applications will not be recognized. An application will be considered retrospective only if any of the following events happened before the application date: Signed an engagement letter with the third-party consultant, made the first payment to the third-party consultant, and began the project with the third-party consultant.

Companies are required to submit applications no earlier than six months of the project’s start date.


Step 1. Obtain quotation

Prepare the following documents from the third-party consultant: Quotation for the local vendors and it must be a pre-approved vendor, credentials of the project team, and track records of past completed projects.

Step 2. Activate CorpPass

Market Readiness Assistance Grant Application Process CorPass 2

Ensure that you activated your CorpPass account and have ‘Officer’ access in order to create a draft grant application. Visit the CorpPass website to register and take note that users with ‘Officer’ access can only draft applications while CEOs, Proxy Users will be able to submit the application.

Step 3. Log in to Business Grants Portal

Proceed to the Business Grants Portal (BGP), login using your CorpPass account, and type the correct UEN number.

Step 4. Update Company Profile

Make sure to fill-up all the required fields needed for the company profile.

Step 5. Get New Grant

Once logged in, click the ‘Get new grant’. Select Sector > Select Grant > Select Market Readiness Assistance.

Step 6. Click Proceed

Market Readiness Assistance Grant Application Process Proceed BGP

Click ‘Proceed’ to continue the application procedure.

Step 7. Submit application

If the draft is complete, request the user with CEO or Proxy access to submit the application. Once submitted an acknowledgment email will also be directed to the listed email address.

How to check application status

Businesses can check their application status through the Business Grant Portal (BGP). On the other hand, the registered email will receive a notification via email.

If the application was approved, businesses will be asked to accept the Letter of Offer (LOF) through the BGP. Users with CEO or Proxy access can only accept the LOF.

Here are the supported activities by the Market Readiness Assistance grant.

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