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BBIA Korean Cosmetic Uses Shopify Multi-Channel Marketing To Reach Customer

BBIA Use Shopify Multi-Channel Marketing To Reach Customer-Photo credit: BBIA Malaysia Official Website

Korean beauty market has gained global popularity, and have a good reputation for its products. Korean brands came to Malaysia around the 2000s, their beauty products are more light texture that suitable for Asian skin. K-beauty products always contain moisturising & hydrating ingredients, this makes consumers actively engaged with K-products.

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With the rise of Korean beauty trends, BBIA has launched their products to Malaysia in 2019 too. BBIA short for “Blooming Beauty in Online Ocean”, is one of the popular cosmetic brands in Korea, their best selling product “Last Lipstick” with a creamy soft texture that applies a natural makeup look. They are now available in Watson Malaysia, also has built an ecommerce website store with Shopify.

BBIA Best Selling Producst - Last Lipstick
Photo credit: BBIA Malaysia Official Website

Shopify Multi-Channel Marketing

Shopify is the leading ecommerce platform, it’s always the best option for entrepreneurs startup online business. Choosing an ecommerce platform is crucial to your business, deal with a fully hosted platform will certainly save your time to handle complicated website development and technical issues within the backend.

Online appearance is also important, this will improve company awareness and drive sales performance better. Shopify provides multi-channel marketing for you to advertise on different sales channels like marketplaces, social media, messaging, etc. However, BBIA has set up Facebook and Instagram account for reaching more audiences.

With Shopify features, it helps BBIA to optimize marketing and enables BBIA to sell direct-to-consumers through their platforms than visit physical stores.

BBIA Official Instagram Account
Photo credit: BBIA Malaysia Official Instagram Account

Looking For Multi-Channel Marketing Platform?

Multi-channel marketing allows you to create a strong impression, use different maketing campaigns to increase sales by interacting with your audiences. Choose an ecommerce platform that offers a comprehensive solution that is right for your business. To further ensure that you’re doing the right things, let a Shopify Partner lead you to e-commerce success. Digital 38 can help you have a clear idea and optimize your plan, including generating sales for your business across Southeast Asia with Shopify.

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