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Checklist for starting a new shopify store

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Having a good checklist for starting a new Shopify store is the first step to growing your business. This is also a good way to be organised and make sure everything is ready before launching. 

Make a checklist for starting a new Shopify store

Before starting

  • Get advice and opinions from local experts about taxes and laws related to the business. 
  • If you have an existing website for your ecommerce brand, consider transferring it to Shopify
  • Decide on sales channels fit for your product
  • Learn more about Shopify’s point of sale hardware for selling your products in person
  • Think about your pricing plan

Setting up your online store

  • Log in and enter your passwords
  • Create a name for your store
  • Choose a legal business name and address
  • Set up your billing information
  • Add your payment provider and default currency
  • Work on the weight unit for your store listings
  • Arrange your shipping options, whether they are pickup, local delivery, etc
  • Set up taxes and payment getaways
  • Staff your store
  • Establish your domain
  • Explore Shopify’s app store to learn more about apps that can improve your business

Organising your store

  • Customise your website with great themes
  • Add and organise your products
  • Customise your menu and add extra features

Digital 38 | Checklist for Starting Shopify Store OL Shopping

Do a test-run of your online store

  • Test successful and failed transaction
  • Try out refunding and canceling orders
  • Check how to fulfill and archive orders
  • Get more information from Shopify’s fraud analysis settings

Opening your store

  • Allow access to your customers by removing the store password

Add more online sales channels

  • Sell with Buy Buttons
  • Work with Facebook, Messenger
  • Sell with Instagram

Promote your store

  • Set up your home page metadata and create a marketing plan
  • Create a Shopify email
  • Work on your stores’ SEO
  • Use discount codes and sales
  • Tend to abandoned cart emails
  • Include a chat feature to your online store and cater to customer inquiries

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