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The idea of starting a business online can seem intimidating. There are so many things to prepare to ensure a successful ecommerce business. Here are some helpful guides that could help grow your business. 

1. Choosing a product

In starting a successful eCommerce business, finding a product to sell is the first step towards identifying your brand. From there, the idea of your product should be evaluated to see if it is a good fit for the current demands of consumers. 

The next step is finding your hero product and how you will sell it to your target consumers.

2. Research and prepare

Another important aspect to consider is researching and preparing a business plan. This will become the official guide to bring all thoughts and plans together. 

This process also includes doing a lot of research on your competition as well as other similar products. Getting a good idea of other competitors can give you an advantage. 

3. Setting up your business

The next step to starting a successful e-commerce business is setting up properly. This includes incorporating an effective branding that sets your business apart.

Understanding Search Engine Optimization or SEO is also an important part of setting up a successful eCommerce business. Being able to optimise your brand and its content will give you an edge to provide structure to the brand. 

Building your store requires good content and images, as well as having a stable, speedy and secured e-commerce platform. This also includes carefully choosing good sales channels to distribute your product across online and offline avenues. 

4. Preparing to launch

All the hard work is about to pay off! Before launching, it is important to do some preparations such as shipping and fulfilment elements, as well as having a launch checklist. 

5. Post-launch

The exciting part begins and this is where you can acquire your first customers. From here, it is best to get to know potential customers more and further market your store. 

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D38 is a South East Asia-focused eCommerce agency that provides full e-commerce solutions to grow your business on the digital space and generate ongoing monthly revenue. Our eCommerce solutions range from website development, store management, logistics, CRM, customer loyalty programs, automated email marketing, SEO, marketing tools, product press-release (PR) to reputation management – helping international companies simplify e-commerce management across ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

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