Digital 38 Supports 1st Weibo ‘Spring Sprout' Live Broadcast in Thailand
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Digital 38 Supports 1st Weibo ‘Spring Sprout’ Live Broadcast in Thailand

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In June, Weibo hosted their first-ever live broadcast with organisations in Thailand to promote ‘Spring Sprout’, the vaccination program that provides free COVID-19 vaccines to Chinese nationals in the country. 

 Through the joint efforts of Weibo and Digital 38, the overseas live event was successfully conducted with the participation of the Chinese Embassy in Thailand, experts from Sinovac Biotech, local hospitals, Chinese bloggers and media members based in Thailand.

Altogether, they ramped up efforts in enabling Chinese nationals in Thailand how, where, when, and why they should take the vaccines. 

Tapping Thailand Hospitals to Join Weibo Live for ‘Spring Sprout’ 

Weibo’s ‘Spring Sprout’ live poster and event post
Ad Slots for Spring Sprout Thailand’s Live event on Weibo

As its official partner agency, Digital 38 supported Weibo by engaging with and inviting reputable hospitals in Thailand, including Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai, Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, and Phyathai 2 Hospital, to join this virtual sharing session for ‘Spring Sprout, backed by our marketing team in Thailand. 

Screenshots of ‘Spring Sprout’ Vaccine Program’s Live Weibo event

To give the event and campaign’s objectives further boost, Weibo also launched both Weibo Hot Search and Weibo Focus Banner, encouraging people to join this Weibo Live event at the same time spreading the word about Spring Sprout’s presence in Thailand. 

During its launch, Weibo’s 1st Spring Sprout Live event is part of the top trending hashtags.

This Spring Sprout session on Weibo Live concluded with 205,000 live views, over 2,000 post engagements, and garnered approximately 13 million hashtag page views.  

Leveraging Weibo to Increase Your Exposure In China Market  

Are you “China-ready”? Why Weibo Marketing matters?

Weibo remains one of the most popular microblogging platforms in China whose population of 1.43 billion in 2020 makes it one of the world leaders in the digital ecosystem.  

Additionally, Weibo’s audience base is not only limited to those who are living in Mainland China, but also overseas Chinese nationals who constantly stay connected with the app.  

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