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PayPal Express Checkout for Shopify E-commerce Website

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PayPal Express Checkout — Shopify Payment Method

PayPal is one of Shopify’s default payment methods. When you open a Shopify store, a PayPal Express Checkout account will be given using the email used to sign up. Sellers will be required to set up their PayPal accounts before they can collect payments for orders.

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Reasons to use PayPal Express Checkout on Shopify

First is the optimised conversion. It allows faster checkouts and easy online payments as customers will see their order details.

Second is customer confidence. This Shopify payment method keeps the customer in your shop. Buyers can confidently and instantly pay and review their transaction details.

Third, there are no monthly fees, sellers can pay only when they get paid. There is no set-up fee when you open a PayPal business account.

Lastly, with PayPal Express Checkout, customers from all over the world can buy from your e-commerce store from any device whether it’s mobile, tablet, or desktop.

How PayPal Express Checkout Works

  1. A customer visits your Shopify website and adds items to the cart.
  2. Customer checks out and logs into their PayPal account.
  3. Customer settles their purchase instantly.
  4. That’s it – the order has been successfully paid!

What are the PayPal seller fees in Singapore?

Here are the flat-rate fees for selling to Singapore and international customers. For Singapore, transaction fee is 3.9% + $0.50 SGD and for international – 4.4% + fixed fee. The fixed fee is based on the currency of the payments. For example, for payments in USD, the fixed fee is $0.30 USD. An extra currency conversion fee may apply.

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Your PayPal balance can also be withdrawn by simply linking it to your local Singapore bank account. Check out the withdrawal and return fees below for Singapore.

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Shopify sellers must also remember that the e-commerce platform charges an extra percentage per transaction for third-party payment providers like PayPal. The fees will depend on the plan you’re subscribed to. Learn more about Shopify’s payment fees here.

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Need help setting up and integrating your PayPal Business Account with Shopify?  Contact us to get started.

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