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Shopee Preferred Sellers: How to Apply & Benefits


The Shopee preferred sellers are exclusively selected by the Shopee team. The process is done by invitation only so sellers cannot directly send their applications in; hence, there are no additional fees once qualified.

How to become a Preferred Seller?

You must fulfill the following criteria and read on the Seller Education Hub for you to qualify and be a preferred seller.

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You must also extend your buyer’s confirmation time from 3 to 5 days.

As a qualified seller, you will get a preferred badge. These labels are shown on your shop page as well as your profile, product pages, and listings.

New Benefits for Shoppe Preferred Seller| Digital 38
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What are the benefits of becoming a Preferred Seller?

Shopee Preferred Sellers on the marketplace may greatly benefit by gaining buyer’s trust through their badge. You can improve your search ranking better and attract more buyers with Shopee Coins rewards as buyers are motivated when purchasing from a Preferred Sellers’ shop.

In addition, you will also be included in Shopee’s regular ads on Google and Facebook to reach more potential buyers.

What are Preferential rates for Flash Deal and Bonus Paid Ads credits?

Preferred Sellers will receive preferential rates to flash deal feature and bonus paid ads credits as part of the two new benefits that took effect last 3 August 2020 onwards.

You may sign up to receive a voucher to purchase 3 Flash Deals slots at 50% off. To be eligible, you need to maintain the Preferred Seller status up till the 30th of each month. The voucher will be sent via the Shopee App on the 30th of each month.

Digital 38 | Shopee Preferred Seller FAQs
Photo Credit: Shopee

There will be an additional bonus paid ad credits when you activate auto-top up each month. This must be enabled for 30 days to be eligible. Credits will be added automatically on the 30th of each month if the criteria are fulfilled.

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