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GrabPay Integration To Shopify

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Grab is a multinational ride-hailing company based in Queenstown, Singapore. Their mobile wallet called GrabPay enables you to do cashless payments for Grab services and more all within the Grab app.

Good news merchants! GrabPay will also now be integrated with Shopify.

Payment gateways for Shopify merchants

If you’re a Singaporean merchant and have an existing store under Shopify, you’ll be able to select from around 30 different payment gateways, including Shopify’s own payment methods called the Shopify Payments. Meanwhile, if you plan on venturing to other markets, there are different payment gateways that will cater to your business needs.

The payment gateways will vary depending on your personal preferences and the business you’re operating.

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Here are some of the Shopify payment gateways available:

Shopify Payments

Shopify Payments is the platforms’ own payment gateway service and merchants don’t have to be concerned about creating a third-party provider. Businesses excluded comprise financial and professional service firms, companies marketing regulated or illegal products, gambling services, and many more.

GrabPay Integration with Shopify

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Photo Credits: Grab

Shopify recommends payment methods like Shopify Payments and, although you also have the freedom to choose using a third-party provider in order to receive payments through Shopify. If you’re a merchant which targets the Singapore market, it will be more appropriate and convenient to choose GrabPay. With GrabPay, anyone with this mobile wallet can pay instantly. This makes purchasing easy for the buyers using a familiar payment route.

To set up the mobile wallet in your Shopify store, contact the Grab customer service team as they will be the ones to guide you through the process, as well as the fees you’ll pay for using GrabPay in your Shopify store. Do note that there will be a Shopify transaction fee, which will be 0.5% – 2% depending on your store subscription.

Need help setting up your Shopify store and a third-party provider for payments? Contact us to get started.

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