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What is Shopify used for and how it can grow your business

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You’re probably torn between plenty of ecommerce website builder options out there – Shopify, WooCommerce, Oberlo, Magento, Wix, and a lot more. Weighing in your choices could take time, but if you’re looking for an easy and quick website builder, then Shopify is your best pick. Here we’ll delve into what is it used for and how it can ultimately lift your sales in no time.

In today’s situation, several big retail brands across the globe have shifted to online selling and are seeing sales growth. While there are many ways to uplift your brand digitally, one of the most recommended strategies now is to start your own ecommerce website. Let’s get you started with the basics of Shopify.

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What is Shopify?

Shopify is a complete ecommerce platform that lets you start and grow your online business easily and quickly. It now powers more than 1 million businesses over 175 countries. And based on the merchants’ feedback, the e-commerce platform brings great shopping experience for its consumers.

Shopify powers more than 1 million businesses | Digital 38

What is Shopify used for?

As its name states, Shopify is a platform that lets you develop your own online shop. It has become a powerful platform over the years that you can manage your ecommerce store from your laptop or mobile app wherever you are. Most importantly, you can sell everywhere without too much hassle.

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Sell everywhere with Shopify

What sets Shopify apart from its competitors is that the whole platform does it all – sell your products, grow your sales, market your brand, and track your online revenue. You only need to use one platform to sell your products or services to anyone, anywhere in the world. You can also easily integrate your social media channels and online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Lazada and Shopee if you plan to sell in these platforms, too.

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Marketing made easy and convenient

You can also set up, launch, manage, and track your marketing campaigns in the Shopify platform. Marketing is now more convenient and easier for you as the platform provides built-in tools to help you in all your marketing efforts. Whether you’re looking at Google Shopping Ads, Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads, you can do it all on Shopify.

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Gain and analyse insights into your store

Aim to grow your store continuously by gaining and analysing insights into your ecommerce website. It’s important to know if you’re earning from each sale or you’re at a loss. Good thing about Shopify is it lets you see important data about your store in one dashboard. This includes total sales, average order value, acquisition costs, customers, and more. All these you can view and manage anywhere you go.

Hire a Shopify Partner now to build your ecommerce website

For starters, you will need to focus on your ecommerce marketing strategies. But to further ensure that you’re doing the right things, let a Shopify Partner lead you to e-commerce success. Digital 38 can help you have a clear idea and optimize your plan, including generating sales for your business across Southeast Asia with Shopify.

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