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Carousell – 2nd Largest Ecommerce Marketplace in Singapore


Carousell Singapore is the 2nd largest E-commerce marketplace in the world and is backed by Telenor Group, Rakuten Ventures, Sequoia India, and Naspers.

With a traditional mindset, the Asian boomers usually don’t use secondhand goods. It’s considered a cultural taboo wherein used items bring bad luck. But in the present day, secondhand goods are now seen as aesthetic vintage items wherein millennials find joy in them.

Moreover, in a survey conducted by Carousell, 76% of their respondents answered that monetary benefits are their main motivation to buy and sell secondhand items.

With lockdown enforced on areas, shoppers spend more time online shopping and selling their own belongings. Carousell became the perfect platform to do it.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Photo Credits: Carousell Singapore

As customers try to save money and earn more money during the pandemic, Singaporeans made more than one million transactions on Carousell. An average Singaporean made SGD2,200 by selling on the platform. Asian consumers in the platform resold gifts in brand new conditions.

Out With The New Categories

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Photo Credits: Carousell Singapore

Women’s fashion and electronics always have been the most popular categories on any eCommerce marketplaces. But the worldwide lockdown has made baking and furniture equipment for DIY gyms and home office popular categories in the world.

Many consumers found what they’re looking for on Carousell due to its appeal and target demographic on board. The platform attracts businesses to sell under them.

Caring Carousell Community

Photo credits: Carousell Singapore

Amid the fear and the threat of panic-buying during the lockdown, a lot of acts of kindness emerged wherein users sell handcrafted items to raise donations to those in need.

Panic-buying caused a massive spike in the prices of face masks, alcohols, sanitisers, tissues, and other cleaning materials in the market. Carousell eventually became the place to buy hygiene goods because a lot of opportunistic sellers used the platform as a way to sell the products at a higher price.

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