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Shopee E-commerce Booster Package For New SG Sellers

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Shopee supports new sellers with their online businesses. In collaboration with Enterprise Singapore, Shopee offers E-Commerce Booster Package to New Sellers. Shopee is Southeast Asia’s number 1 shopping platform and they offer up to SGD9,000 subsidy eCommerce costs for new sellers in Singapore.

Shopee Offers E-commerce Booster package

Shopee E-commerce Booster package supports SMEs in their transition to the online community. This package supports online businesses in their core activities starting from onboarding to promotions.

Eligible businesses can get 90% assistance, capped at SGD9,000 per seller. Participants will only need to pay 10% of the fees which can help them during this pandemic.

Core Services Offered by the Shopee Ecommerce Booster Package

Image Source: Shopee SG

First is the Incubation – it is a 12-week programme where sellers will learn Shoppe features with the help of an incubation manager. This will help them be familiarised with the platform’s capabilities.

Second is fulfilment whereby free shipping and cashback will be offered to the buyers through an opt-in programme. Buyers will significantly benefit from this, resulting to more sales for the retailers.

Third is advertising and promotion wherein it will increase the traffic to one’s store. Shopee will advertise the retailer’s best deals on various channels such as Facebook, KOLs and etc. It will also place the products higher in the search results by bidding on keywords through Shopee MyAds. High visibility flash deals will help drive sales and live-streaming products with comms support.

Last is the marketing which aims to give exposure on the collection to interested buyers by appearing on Shopee’s thematic collections and microsites. The seller will also get featured on Shopee’s high-engagement social media.

ATC | Shopee Offers E-commerce Booster Package to New Sellers Headstart Price
Image Source: Shopee SG

Eligibility for the Booster Package

Applicants should meet the following criteria to qualify for the Booster Package:

  • Business entity must be registered in Singapore
  • Core business activities are retail-oriented

Send in your application forms at [email protected] with your ACRA bizfile and wait for 48 hours to receive the package information and assessment from the consultants.

Image Source: Shopee SG

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