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ATC By Digital 38 hosting webinar, ‘Cross Border Ecommerce Opportunities In Vietnam’

Webinar: Cross Border Ecommerce Opportunities in Vietnam | Digital 38

SINGAPORE, 27 September 2021 – ATC, a member of the Digital 38 Group, invites investors, entrepreneurs, and marketers who are keen to learn more about the potential for expanding into the Vietnamese market via cross-border Ecommerce, to join us at our webinar Cross Border Ecommerce Opportunities in Vietnam, on 7 October 2021, 4:00 PM GMT +8. 

This is the first in an envisaged series of webinars aimed at helping businesses who are intending to expand into various Southeast Asian marketsThe webinar is now open for registration and participation is free.

Click here to sign up, and learn more about the event. 

Ecommerce Potential in Vietnam 

Google, Temasek and Bain identify in their multi-year research report e-Conomy SEA 2020 excellent growth opportunities in the Internet-economy in Southeast Asia, and in Vietnam in particular, where users have turned to the Internet for solutions to challenges arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. The research found that “41% of all digital service consumers were new (higher than the SEA average), with 94% of these new consumers intending to continue their behavior post-pandemic”, and that “The Vietnamese, specifically, were spending 3.1 hours online (for personal use) pre-COVID-19, which spiked to 4.2 hours at the height of national social distancing, and now rests at 3.5 hours per day.”  

It also highlights and projects that by 2025, the overall e-Conomy will likely reach US $52B in value, re-accelerating to ~29% CAGR.” 

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Webinar Speakers & Synopsis 

Entering in new markets is not without its risks and potential pitfalls.

ATC Hosting Webinar Cross Border Ecommerce Opportunities In Vietnam

To help gear investors, entrepreneurs and marketers up for Ecommerce success in Vietnam, a curated panel of 5 speakers with a diverse range of expertise has been invited to share market insights, online marketplace platforms choices, marketing strategies, and import and licensing requirements for doing up business in Vietnam. 

The webinar also presents attendees the opportunity to link up with the speakers to explore how they can partner up for expanding into the region. 

George Foo, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Digital 38 

George will give insights into the choices for Ecommerce Marketplace platforms (such as Lazada and Shopee) in the ASEAN Economic Community. He will illustrate how Digital 38 combined the powers of borderless Ecommerce and Live Selling to help Taiwanese skincare manufacturer Yuan Skincare establish a strong presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam within a short 6 months using techniques such as SEO optimisation for the brand’s online stores.   

Founded in Singapore since 2006, Digital 38 has a strong presence in Southeast Asia and Greater China. Digital 38 is expanding its presence in Vietnam with a new office in Ho Chi Minh City. With a 360° range of digital marketing services and end-to-end Ecommerce solutions, Digital 38 has helped over 100 local and global brands plan and execute their digital marketing campaigns.  

We have seen many brands from China and South Korea expand and build strong brand awareness in Southeast Asia by efficiently leveraging on cross-border Ecommerce. In uncertain times like this, coupled with the ever-changing digital landscape, it is paramount to take the reins of online retail and be proactive in navigating the nook and cranny of online business. Digital 38 Group has been helping brands such as Shure, Kao, Missha, Yuan Skincare and Nutifood with their regional marketing initiatives.  We welcome brands to contact us to explore our Ecommerce services which include website development, Shopify or Ecommerce Marketplace store set-up, Live Selling, Influencer marketing and digital marketing. 

                                                 – George Foo, Digital 38 

Joining George in the one-hour webinar are 4 other distinguished speakers.  

Joe Nguyen – Senior Consultant, ATC 

What makes Vietnam a good market for brands? Hear from Joe the latest market developments, the trends in Vietnam’s Internet-economy, on how business can start venturing into Vietnam.  

Tan Nguyen – Head of Marketing, Haravan 

Tan will share his thoughts on Omnichannel Ecommerce and how to get started. Participants can gain insights into the differences between Haravan and Shopify, and learn why Haravan is the go-to Ecommerce platform in Vietnam. 

Linh. Tran Duy – Managing Partner, Vietnam Consultancy 

Linh will give insights, tips and guidance from the lawyers’ perspective, on how to set up business in Vietnam.  

Lan Anh (Catherine) – Vietnam Influencer & Live Selling Host 

Influencer marketing is an important component of an integrated marketing campaign, particularly in B2C, and now Live Selling is fast becoming the hottest trend. Lan Anh will share on her views on how businesses can grow their brands via influencer marketing and Live Selling, and what brands can expect from Live Selling in Vietnam compared to other markets like China.  

For additional information, you may contact:  

Teo Nan Shing
Digital 38
(65) 9012 4362

Fen Pang 
Digital 38
(65) 9790 3507 


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