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Digital 38 Co-Hosts Webinar on Cross Border Ecommerce in Vietnam

Digital 38, ATC launch 1st Webinar on Cross Border Ecommerce in Vietnam

Asia Travel Club (ATC), a member of the Digital 38 group, launched on October 7 its first ever webinar on cross border Ecommerce, highlighting the potential of Vietnam to provide growth opportunities for businesses all around Southeast Asia.  

Over 60 participants joined the one-hour virtual session that imparted valuable insights on Vietnam as a market, and tips and strategies for businesses engaged in Ecommerce.  

The webinar featured experts and professionals as its panel of speakers including Joe Nguyen, senior consultant of ATC; Tan Nguyen, head of marketing of Vietnam’s Haravan; George Foo, co-founder and COO of Digital 38; Lan Anh, Vietnamese influencer and live selling host; and Linh. Tran Duy, managing partner of Vietnam Consultancy.  

Vietnam’s Potential  

Digital 38 group is set to expand its footprint in Southeast Asia as it will open a new office soon in Vietnam, where Ecommerce remains a booming industry. The country is the second largest Ecommerce market in Southeast Asia, according to a recent study by Google, Temasek and Bain & Co.  

The webinar, for its part, offered a deeper dive into opportunities abound in Vietnam such as presenting discussions on trends such as live selling and omni-channel retail approach, and the basic Dos & Donts when operating an Ecommerce business there.  

Attendees were also able to interact with the speakers themselves, ultimately enabling them to acquire key takeaways on how to successfully set up and manage online businesses in Vietnam. 

Grow Your Business with Cross Border Ecommerce  

Ecommerce is rapidly growing in Southeast Asia but its highly diverse and fragmented market could be a difficult and complicated challenge for businesses to overcome. This is why cross border ecommerce played an important role for brands entering the region.  

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