Checklist: How to Become a Shopee Mall Seller? | Digital 38

Checklist: Becoming a Shopee Mall Seller

Checklist: How to Become a Shopee Mall Seller | Digital 38

How do you become a Shopee Mall Seller? Let’s find out in this article.  

What is Shopee Mall? 

Like most Ecommerce platforms, Shopee has a section dedicated for genuine products and authentic brands. Called Shopee Mall, all items, distributors, and retailers found on Shopee Mall are guaranteed to be original.  

But what does Shopee Mall have in story for brands like you? For one, it gives you distinction from the thousands of sellers registered on Shopee. Shopee Mall sellers are prominently displayed across the app with a red banner below their names. This signals buyers that your shop only sells authentic products.  

Becoming a Shopee Mall Seller 

Contrary to popular notion, you cannot self-apply to become a Shopee Mall Seller. A quick trip down Shopee Mall Seller on your Seller Centre will tell you that in order to become one, you must wait for their invitation.  

As a premium online retail space, Shopee curates and selects the merchants that can enter into Shopee Mall. And Shopee Mall Sellers also have their own set of guidelines that they need to follow.

But just because you need to wait for Shopee’s invitation does not mean you can start your journey to become one. Read on as we share with you key building blocks in becoming a Shopee Mall Seller 

1. You Must Be Ready to Support 15-Day Return/Refund Policy

For some consumers, they would pay more if it meant that the items, they ordered are authentic. But let’s be real. Authentic or not, some products may have defects or may sustain damages while being shipped.  And when buyers receive them, they often get, well, frustrated for receiving such product.  

Since Shopee Mall prides itself in providing genuine products and brands, they give buyers a little leeway when the item they got did not meet their expectations.

2. High Quality Visual Assets

This is probably one of the most overlooked factors when becoming a Shopee Mall Seller. High quality visual assets such as high-resolution photos of your brand, or your products, can help you inch closer to become a Shopee Mall Seller.  

Premium retail spaces such as Shopee Mall only support clear and sharp visual assets in realistic colors. It’s also one way to set Shopee Mall brands and retailers apart from the rest of merchants on the Ecommerce platform.  

3. Only Sell Authentic Items, Consistently

And last but not the least, you must sell authentic products only. In addition, you must do it consistently.  

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Doing Ecommerce, the Right Way 

Ecommerce is a thriving industry in Southeast Asia. And getting on board Shopee is just one of the many options on how to tap this opportunity. If you need help in setting up and managing your online business, Digital 38 is here for you. 

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