Merries Greets Lunar New Year 2022 with Collaborative Ads

Merries Greets Lunar New Year 2022 with Collab Ads

Merries MY Launch Collaborative Ads for CNY 2022 | Digital 38

Want to know how to launch collaborative ads, and how they can help your brand? Read this mini-case study from international diaper brand Merries. 

Merries Malaysia’s Lunar New Year 2022 Campaign 

Merries kicked off the Lunar New Year this 2022 with special promotions and discounts on its official online stores in Shopee and Lazada. But in order to spread awareness about their campaign, and ultimately drive sales, they utilised Meta’s Collaborative Ads platform.  

Merries decided to launch collaborative ads on Facebook, enticing their audience and target markets to check out their special sale event. Interested buyers will then be redirected to the brand’s official Shopee Mall and LazMall outlets.  

About Merries 

Merries is the diaper brand under Japanese multinational manufacturer Kao. A pioneer in producing hygiene soap in Japan during the late 1880s, Kao eventually grew and later on became Kao Corporation. Kao has also established a strong presence in Southeast Asia, particularly in Malaysia. 

Why You Need Collaborative Ads?  

When it comes to Ecommerce, it is essential for business owners, marketers and other key decision makers to know how to effectively reach out to consumers on the internet. More importantly, they must identify which channels can help them in doing so. This is why savvy brands turn to collaborative ads. 

Collaborative Ads enable you to connect with millions of users frequenting Meta-owned platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. Basically, it allows you to turn engagements into conversions.  

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